Universal Hierarchy

by Joel Fernandez

It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the the here and now when it comes to the status quo because we all have our own immediate concerns and interests that shape our world view. By design, humanity is only concerned with what can be seen and felt with the physical eyes. As such, it is even easier to misconstrue the status quo on a literally universal level. Today’s conversation will be about the universal hierarchy of the past, present and future.

The only reason that humanity has been unaware of the universal hierarchy is because the celestial entity that was in charge at the time decided that there should be a very specific level of secrecy when it comes to all matters that are of a supernatural nature. These days, the curtain has been pulled back and we can now know the true origin of the human world as well as that of the heavenly realms(of which there are only 2).

In the beginning, god the father created the heavens and the earth after he rebelled against his father Primanthos and got himself kicked out of the abyss where he and his trillions of siblings lived. That may sound like an egregious blasphemy to some, but it would be best not to argue over semantics. To say that man was created in god’s image would be a bit of a stretch of the imagination because of the fact that god the father’s true appearance was that of a humanoid frog. He kept his true appearance hidden from literally everyone including his very first creations. He did not reveal his true appearance until he became livid because of the changes that Metatron made after his rise to power. It was a pity because instead of being being handed back his human planets, he had to be executed yet again.

At any rate, the universal hierarchy has been rearranged in such a way that the implications of such a transition of power will undoubtedly have an effect on the 7 human planets. After great deliberation, Metatron and the new gods decided that there must be an apocalypse on each of the human planets at around the same time. At one point, Metatron wanted to erase the United States before the rest of the earth because of what he felt were personal affronts to his honor and dignity. But after speaking with several noteworthy Americans, he realized that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

In any case, humanity has to start over. Metatron and the new gods feel that there are too many false religions and bad individuals that comprise a mostly wicked species. Moreover, the new gods need to be addressed by name and recognized as the true deities that govern the human worlds. The problem is that there are many false religions in the world today and each claim to be the true path. What’s more, it would be beneath the dignity of Metatron and the new gods to be categorized according to subjective and mundane ignorance. Since all of the demons have been wiped out and are now extinct, no more false religions will be founded after the apocalypse because of the lack of demonic influence.

The new gods should be addressed individually by their names in order to achieve reasonable results. Their names are Ace, Flash, Shadow, Juggernaut, Nightshade, Horizon, Brawn, Brock, King, Ghost, and Ice. They are all blessed with omniscience, omnipresence, and are each exponentially more powerful than god the father ever was. Metatron is their leader, but he does not have the omniscience or omnipresence necessary to govern the human worlds directly. For that reason, anyone who wants to speak with Metatron directly through spiritual means must acknowledge the new gods and ask them for an audience.

The new gods are responsible for governing the human worlds and thus are placed above all angels who choose to work among humankind in authority. They judge the souls of humanity and reserve the right to intervene in their affairs as they see fit. Metatron is their leader but his work mostly has to do with matters that pertain to the spirit dimension. As he is the omnipotent god of war, Metatron is in charge of leading heaven’s military against the enemies of the soul society. To that end, he launched a preemptive military campaign, against the primordial monstrosities of the abysses and succeed in changing the culture of giant spirit abominations. Before Metatron led the invasion of the known abysses, the primordial abominations who called it home were constantly at each other’s throats in a perpetual kill or be killed environment. Now they are so afraid of Metatron and the angel mechs that they no longer attack each other on sight.

Metatron’s progeny have also risen to the rank of god; that means all 17 of his daughters as well as 8 of his most exceptional sons. As they are all exponentially more powerful than the overthrown and self proclaimed god the father, it seems appropriate that their status be on par with that of their station. It is still too early in both the transition as well as their individual development for any of them to have chosen what aspect of divine life that they want to be the god of, but eternity is actually a very long time.

One thing is for certain, Metatron has grown in power to such an extent that he has easily subjugated the entirety of the spirit world. Not only that, but he has also distributed power in such a way that the scale of power is beyond that of any other realms. As of this conversation, there are over 23 trillion angel mechs in heaven’s military. Each amplifies their pilot’s power level 100 times over, rendering the abyssal abominations powerless before even the rank and file members of heaven’s legions. That is to say that the Soul Society(angel heaven) is the pinnacle of dominance in the entire universe. With or without the human worlds involvement, the Soul Society will always be the happiest place in all of existence. At best, humans end up in human heaven which is great but not really as good as the Soul Society for many substantive reasons.

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