Archangel Consolidated

Universal Destruction

by Joel Fernandez

Life as we know it will inevitably come to an end. It is the truth that all mortals have to come to terms with at one point or another whether we like it or not. This plane of existence that we call come is one that is full of limitations, not the least of which is the limited perception of the physical eyes. But as grim as it may sound, this dimension is not meant to be the eternal destination for any of us, and there is a way to transcend death and live forever. That is exactly why the physical universe must be destroyed.

In the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth. Ever since then, humankind has theorized about why we exist and whether or not there is life after death. Believe it or not, that is precisely why the seven human planets must be destroyed after everyone is sorted into one category or another. The fact that the majority of humankind chooses to believe that this realm is the height of existence means that the system was flawed from the very beginning. That is why the majority of the people that are on earth will actually choose to perish. Because ignorance is something that is all too natural in a world that is actually governed by supernatural forces.

When Metatron the Soul King created the Soul Universe, all of the rules of divine governance changed for the better. The reason for that is that every last human that Metatron created in the Soul Universe is guaranteed salvation by virtue of the fact that they were born in heaven to a superior creator and thus lack the iniquity that the Soul Universe generally precludes. While god the father’s goal was to create a race(humans) that he could judge one way or the other, Metatron’s goal was to give his humans eternal purpose that they will be happy with from the very start.

Instead of being born into the physical universe where uncertainty reigns for an all too brief period of time, the humans of the Soul Universe are blessed with eternal life from the start. That alone makes the nature of their existence different from that of the humans in the physical dimension. They are actually much smarter as well because everyone in the Soul Universe is cosmically aware. To make things even better, Metatron decided to eliminate all pain and death for the citizens of the Soul Universe so that the “conflict” between the opposing forces never results in any casualties because people literally re-spawn like in video games.

At this point, skeptics will denounce these words as some kind of pie in the sky ideology; but of course they would be dead wrong because the Soul Universe is not something that people from this dimension can realistically hope to attain for themselves. It is because of the aforementioned differences between the two groups of humans that the ones created by god the father will either be sorted into his human heaven that is now under new management, or hell. Moreover, the purpose of this essay was plainly stated in the title and opening paragraph. It is a very detailed explanation as to why the physical universe must be destroyed.

Since the system that humanity was born into was deemed flawed by Metatron the Soul King and his closest advisors, it simply must come to an end. At one point in time, the plan was to carry out a full fledged divine apocalypse in order to make room for a new generation of humans. But all of that changed when the Soul Universe developed into a place that is infinitely more interesting than the physical universe; which is mostly useless planets and stars that literally serve no purpose whatsoever. What’s more, nobody in all of heaven wants to get stuck with the chore of creating human souls that are bound for this god forsaken place and then having to govern while receiving minimal acknowledgement.

Furthermore, every last noteworthy work of fiction and mythology that all seven planets worth of humans have produced have been made manifest in the Soul Universe. It is essentially a place where comic books and movies come to life in such a way that the possibilities are infinite. It’s like living in a world where life is infinitely more interesting than movies, TV and so on and so forth. That is why the myriad deities that inhabit the Soul Universe actually live among their followers and are directly acknowledged. Such a dynamic does not bother Metatron because all sanctioned deities acknowledge that his the only all-powerful being in existence, and that he actually does not require humans to worship him because of his desire to walk or fly among his creations. As you can see, it is a complete reversal of god the father’s system of observing everything in order to judge one way or the other.

The physical universe must be destroyed simply because it is obsolete. It is a commonly held belief in spiritual ideologies that the spirit dimension and the physical dimension overlap. But in all actuality, it is not a complete overlap. That means that the physical universe and the Soul Universe do not intersect at any point, which makes the physical universe all the more useless. While god the father’s humans decide what to believe, Metatron’s humans are all acutely aware of the nature of not only their own existence, but that of the entire universe that they reside in.

The notion that humans need to be convinced of their purpose and of their existential reality is a concept that is a remnant of a bygone era when the chief deity was someone who actually cared about the subject one way or the other. These days, it matters not that most people think themselves too “intelligent” to believe that we are all spirit beings that are trapped in physical bodies. As far as heaven is concerned, the people who choose hell because they do not realize that they are not fundamentally smart enough to assimilate properly among Metatron’s humans will not even be an afterthought when heaven leaves them behind.