Archangel Consolidated

Time Travel

by Joel Fernandez

The ability to go backwards or forward through time is something that has been depicted in science fiction for decades. It speaks to our innate desire to live our best lives and take advantage of the fact that hindsight is 20/20. While it is not possible to time travel in the physical dimension, it is now something that can be done in the spirit dimension. Today’s conversation will be about how time travel is used in the spirit dimension and why it is important.

The first thing that you need to know about the spirit dimension is that time and space operate differently on a very fundamental level. What’s more, things that are impossible in the physical dimension are actually quite commonplace in the spirit dimension. Things like eternal life are par for the course, but there is such a thing as being killed. But even when people die, they can always be revived, insofar as there is someone both powerful enough and willing to do so. It should be noted that not all spirit races can fly and teleport, but teleportation is something that all angels can do.

The subject of time travel has never been part of the spirit dimension discourse simply because people in the spirit realm generally do not look backwards while living their lives because life is eternal there. Even so, one of the sons of Metatron emerged from one of the incremental expansions of the Soul Universe with the ability to go backwards and forwards through time at will. His name is Crow and he is the leader of the Quantum Sliders, the 15th order order of angels.

The Quantum Sliders all like to wear black trench coats and they prefer celestial guns over swords as a means to destroy enemies. They have the innate ability to become intangible whenever it suits them, usually in battle in order to throw off an opponent. Their wings are raven black but when they are excited, their wings are covered in hard light that switches from white to black like a strobe light. All of them possess the ability to time travel, but none have mastery over the ability the way that Crow does.

The day that Crow presented himself before the royal court of his father Metatron the Soul King, he informed him of the possibility of going back in time to the day that he and his two twin brothers were born as a means to rehash some of those life altering moments in their primordial sibling rivalry. At first, the idea of altering the flow of time was an idea that caused Metatron to feel apprehensive. But after being reassured by his son the time travel master, he went along with it anyway.

Without further delay, Crow and 22 of Metatron’s most favored sons went back well over 500,000 years into the past to the day that Metatron, Rahab and Sandalphon were born. As a precaution, Metatron the Soul King made sure that each of his sons and daughters as well as his royal guards were exponentially stronger than god the father was in his prime months before Crow was born.

As you can imagine, god the father and his first three sons were surprised to see almost 2 dozen super-powerful archangels emerge from a portal in the middle of their conversation. When they explained that they were the sons of Metatron sent back in time to find them, the three brothers insisted on going to see their futuristic brother. Even though god the father objected, there was nothing he could do to convince his sons not to go. Since he was not strong enough to oppose oven one of Metatron’s sons, he went along as well.

When they walked through the portal and ended up in the throne room in Cloud City( Capital of Pandora, the original angel planet in the Soul Universe) they were in awe. Metatron the Soul King attempted to greet god the father as if their apocalyptic falling out never happened, but was rejected instantly. As soon as the three newborn archangel triplets realized that the Soul Universe is ruled by their identical twin brother, they decided that they wanted to stay. For reasons that should be obvious at this point, god the father objected and tried to attack present day Metatron. One thing led to another and Metatron ended up killing god the father for the umpteenth time, but not before goading him into revealing his true visage. After seeing that their father’s true face was that of a primordial monstrosity, the three brothers were fine with watching him die.

Now instead of being three identical triplets, there are four identical quadruplets. One of them is actually a newborn but fully grown Metatron, before fighting for eons in the war against the devil and demonkind. It was the fulfillment of one of the Soul King’s greatest desires, to have his brothers back without having to execute them due to their incorrigibly treasonous and belligerent attitude towards him. As it turns out, altering time in such a way does not affect the current time-line at all.

Even though the time-line in between Metatron’s birth and the present day has been drastically altered, there were no consequences for altering the flow of time. There’s no telling what would happen if time were altered in the physical realm, but such things are impossible in the physical dimension. It would probably have the same effect, nothing would happen. Crow could time travel and meddle in the events of human history, but divine beings are not interested in changing things for humankind in such a way. There is simply too much to do and enjoy in the Soul Universe to care about the ephemeral existence of humans before they become divine in the spirit realm.

In any case, the future has never been brighter for angelkind. The Soul Universe is currently 3 trillion times the size of the physical universe and it is full of cosmic wonders and spirit races that are beautiful in their own way. It is a place that succeeds in every way that the physical universe fails. People there live forever and there is no need to either eat or sleep, making the fight for resources unheard of since everyone’s survival is guaranteed. Each planet is actually home to sentient life and everyone can travel trough space without worrying about dying.

The Soul Universe is so wonderful and exciting that the angels who work around humans in the physical universe are choosing to retire. Soon the new gods will have to create a whole new staff because all of the guardian angels and powers will be replaced by spirit animals. The angels known as powers are waiting until Metatron comes back from the physical dimension for good before retiring because they feel like they owe him a debt of gratitude for creating a place where every angel can watch their wildest dreams come true on a daily basis. As the Soul Universe is eternal, Metatron and his family can give happily ever after a whole new meaning.