Archangel Consolidated

The New God of War

by Joel Fernandez

The bible is indeed the word of God, but it is simply a means to an end. It serves as an instruction manual on how to attain salvation through Christ(one of his many names). While the method that one would use to reach the blessed realm remains the same, the current events in heaven are ever changing. God the father will always rule as the lord of existence, but he created everyone as a means to observe social dynamics. To that end, it stands to reason that if world history is always changing, so too must heaven’s history to a certain extent. Today’s conversation will be about how Yahweh(God the father) allowed his most privileged son to rise to the rank of God of war.

It is an absolute certainty that the vast majority of theologists and religious leaders of the world will reject this notion wholeheartedly. But this essay is not about religious politics or the people who stand to gain obscene amounts of wealth in the name of their so called faith. This conversation is about how a father chose to acknowledge his most trusted son. It is worth noting that the path to salvation is still exclusive to God the father, but Metatron has been promoted to the rank of God of war. He is already acknowledged in heaven as such, but people will not openly recognize such an ascension until humanity is reborn after the man-made apocalypse.

As God’s most trusted son, Metatron volunteered to come to earth in order to prove his loyalty by surviving a crucible of the most extreme emotional pain imaginable. Little did he know that the reason that his heavenly father agreed to such a thing is because he wanted to know if he could trust him with the gift of omnipotence and semi-omniscience. Up until know, God the father could kill and recreate anyone in heaven. He could do it on earth, but to do so is simply not part of the natural order of things. At any rate, God the father made his most trusted son truly immortal after eons of building trust.

You might be wondering if taking the time to establish trust with an omniscient being is a redundancy. But if you recall one of our previous conversations, you would know that there is a substantive difference between when God foresees events and when he sees them play out in real time. To that end, it has taken longer than all of world history thus far to establish such a level of trust with one of his sons. Conversely, if he had granted such a level of power to Satan, we would all be dammed to eternal war. But that is neither here nor there.

Despite the fact that God the father allowed Metatron to be acknowledged as the God of war, he does so mostly out of affection. In reality, Yahweh(one of his many names) is the one that leads his sons into battle personally. The true reason that God allowed his son to rise to such a high rank is because he wanted a comrade. It is indeed one of the greatest ironies of the universe that in all of his omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence; what God desires most is true comradery. He could create beings that are programmed to obey, but the lack of choice would make their loyalty meaningless.

Believe it or not, God enjoys comradery more than being praised. The only reason for the praise is that it actually takes a lot of work to keep the universe running. It’s not anything that he cannot handle, but it’s still a lot. Think of praise as alleviating the celestial headache(for lack of a better term) that God gets when he hears everyone’s nonsense at once. Which brings us to the subject of semi-omniscience. In order for Metatron to truly relate to his father, he must know what it’s like to be all-knowing. But as Metatron is not naturally omniscient, he must be able to turn it off at will in order to keep his sanity intact.

Naturally there will be many who will completely reject the notion that God would allow another to be recognized as a God. This is especially true because of humanity’s “drag down” reflex. That is the unofficial way to describe the way that mankind will instinctively try to drag others to their doom while drowning. The obviously colloquial term is relevant to this conversation because even now there are some who either make light of events that they feel compelled to observe or take a much more bellicose approach in an attempt to exert influence over a situation that they refuse to acknowledge.

But their belief is actually of little consequence in the end. God allows mankind to choose their belief system, but there are consequences for making the wrong choice. Those who would gamble their eternal soul because they feel that they are too intelligent to think in such simple terms ironically do so because they are utterly incapable of fathoming the concept of eternity.