SpyGN: A Gamer’s Paradox

by Joel Fernandez

Once upon a time, playing video games until completion was a rare occasion. Games were significantly more difficult in the early days. So much so that they had to invent something called a “game genie” in order to make it possible to beat certain games. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out comes to mind, but that is neither here nor there. The point is that going online for video game research was all about either cheat codes or strategy guides. A stroll down memory lane back to simpler times indeed. But these days, video game websites have become disproportionately preoccupied with trying to tell us how to think and what to buy. Today’s discussion is about why we should question the motives of advertisers in gamer’s clothing.

Up until now, the term fake news seems to have been reserved for political issues that reach the national or global level. As such, any occurrences of dishonesty in within the video game niche have been largely overlooked. As a result, so called gamer journalists have fallen into the habit of presenting their subjective opinion as objective fact. If we want to find an example of one such occurrence, we need not look any further than the Mass Effect: Andromeda saga.

Andromeda was one of the top 10 best selling games of 2017. As it was released during the first quarter, there has been plenty of time for other games to knock it out of the top 10. The numbers alone justify a sequel, but the gaming journalist crowd has been calling it a failure in every sense of the word even though it is arguably the best game of the 8th generation. Yet in spite of all of the bad press and an admittedly tumultuous launch, the fourth Mass Effect game has been a financial success. One could argue that the gaming journalism community has been trying to sabotage the franchise in the name of their own collectively selfish agenda. That is precisely what happens when talking about video games becomes big business.

From the outside looking in, one can only speculate as to why an organization full of “professionals” would try to ruin an entire franchise by bringing the series to an abrupt end. But none of the possibilities are good. Because at the end of the day, destroying a loyal fan’s opportunity to appreciate the game-play evolution that new hardware entails reeks of corruption. Perhaps they feel that their opinions are the only one’s that matter.

Moreover, it should be noted that the behavior of the individuals that belong to the “mainstream” gaming websites is incongruous with that of the majority of gamers in general. Ask yourself when the last time you engaged in corporate espionage in order to gain the upper hand on other gamers was. If the answer is never, than you understand the fundamental difference between us and them. To that end, discrediting the interests of major corporate puppets is necessary in order to discourage small time websites and YouTube channels who aspire to wield similar levels of influence in a similar manner.

Furthermore, it of the utmost importance that gamers from all walks of life learn to embrace a new paradigm that allows everyone to make their own purchasing decisions and not feel pressured into buyer’s remorse by the video game ruling class and their hangers on. When you hear the older and more information illiterate generations say that technology is taking over our lives, they mean that they don’t like the fact that the majority of major social media platforms were founded by the Millennial generation. Because of that fact, they aim to turn us against each other by infecting our video game niche with a torrent of fake news in order to compel us to rely on their more arbitrary news sources.

In conclusion, we as a community must recognize the generational implications that are present in the media that we consume. Because if we don’t, the video game niche that we all know and love will become more and more exploitative until there is nothing left to truly cherish. It’s about more than just bad reviews and sour grapes. It’s about the corporate non-gamers from the older generations trying to use members of our generation to sow division in order to conquer our minds until we submit to a status quo of blind consumerism. The “mainstream”media’s verbal assault on the Millennial generation is proof that they intend to disrupt the natural order of the world and refuse to step aside for what should be a traditional changing of the guard. You can do your part by recognizing that the “young” faces at the major gaming websites are little more than life-size marionettes that get their strings pulled by the older generations. Always remember that united we stand, and divided we fall.

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