Spiritual Warfare

by Joel Fernandez

Many of the good men and women in the church often do their best to explain the concept of spiritual warfare. Generally speaking, they have an accurate perspective when it comes to spiritual cause and effect. In a nutshell, anything that happens in the spiritual realm is manifested in the physical realm for better or worse. But today we will attempt to expand on what churches and mosques teach at their regularly scheduled sermons.

When we think of heaven and hell, it’s easy to think of the concept of being above or below a certain point of existence. But the more precise point of view is thinking in terms of parallel dimensions. It may sound like comic book logic, but it’s true. The war that started in heaven, ended up being continued on earth. Angels and demons literally duke it out all around us in and around our daily lives. Although it is true that different countries have varying levels of demonic activity, the concept is much more complicated than it seems.

From a human perspective, it’s easy to oversimplify things into a more mundane train of thought. You might think that if a country is rich that God loves that country more than a poor country. But on the day of judgment, everyone is evaluated one at a time. Moreover, there are times when prosperity leads to corruption or vice versa. As such, diabolical entities will always try cooperation before they try coercion simply because it’s less difficult. If a demonic horde decides to attack a person or group of people, they have to take into account the amount of angelic opposition that they will face.

Furthermore, the result of such spiritual conflicts have very specific ramifications in the physical realm. If you ever see an atrocity on the news and ask yourself why God allows bad things to happen to good people, please try to understand that he sent billions of angels and their archangel commanding officers to earth to fight on behalf of humanity. But unlike God almighty, angelic beings cannot be everywhere at once.

You might ask why God doesn’t just put an end to the devil and his minions in an instant. The reason is because purging them from existence is a process and that humanity’s ability to make their own choices complicates things tremendously. A person has to choose to murder, rape, steal, abuse or kill in order to perpetrate any given atrocity. What’s more, a person or group that willingly or unknowingly cooperates with the demonic realm presents a logistical challenge for God’s military.

It stands to reason that if a territory is mostly inhabited by satanic “marionettes”, the likelihood of outright travesties occurring is significantly higher. In cases where God’s angels control a territory outright, demons have to infiltrate that territory with the help of a willing human accomplice. That is how child molesters get into some churches and go unnoticed until a later point and time. That is how some murderers end up working as police officers and so on and so forth.

By now, you probably get the idea. Each of us is capable of making choices that align us with one side or the other; and neither good nor evil is possible without the people who make their own individual choices. That is why bad things happen to good people as well as bad people; because of God’s decision to let humanity to choose their own path in life. You might say that you don’t believe in God but you are a moral person anyway. The reason that a person who does not believe in God is capable of being good is because they just so happen to live in angelic territory, whether they acknowledge it or not.

Think about it for a minute and decide for yourself if it makes sense. If a person lives their entire life without being victimized by demonic puppets, the likelihood of them becoming a horrible person that consciously inflicts harm on others is very low. Which brings us back to a point from earlier in the discussion. Hell’s agents will always seek to cooperate with a human before resorting to conversion by force. Perhaps that is why they say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, or so it seems.

Let’s take a moment to deal with a hypothetical situation. Let’s say that heaven’s crowned prince was sent to earth with a very specific mission for a very specific amount of time. His presence would attract the attention of millions of hostile demons including Satan himself because of the fact that they could not even dream of confronting him in the spirit realm. They would certainly relish the opportunity to make him suffer by manipulating human beings that are all too willing to create inhuman levels of “inconvenience” that would be specifically directed at God’s champion.

God almighty, being the omniscient being that he is, would then anticipate the historic levels of diabolical opposition and send an archangel retinue to watch over his favorite archangel while he is in human form. Each archangel commands millions of angels. Therefore three of them would lead a combined force of tens of millions of angels. An angelic force of that magnitude would be necessary because of the commensurate level of hostility from Satan’s demon horde that would seek to wage large scale spiritual warfare against heaven’s sons and daughters.

If God’s champion lives in a country as big and powerful as the United States, his archangel entourage and their angelic subordinates would have to combat a diabolical horde that has been assigned the unenviable task of ruining his life as well as the demonic principalities that are already State side by coincidence. Think about it, they wouldn’t cancel the Lucifer TV show simply because God’s champion left town. But in a tiny country that has significantly smaller population, it is easier to adapt to a defensive position in order to stave off the demonic puppets and their horrible intentions. It makes sense that if one demon is enough to cause an atrocity, there is no need for the presence of two; therefore a larger population will have a commensurate amount of diabolical activity.

If that lengthy explanation was not enough to convince you that God indeed cares for humanity, perhaps this last bit of logic will win you over. The process of purging diabolical beings from existence is a process that has taken place throughout the course of human history. From a human perspective that might make God seem indifferent to our suffering. But try to keep in mind that the entirety of human existence is nothing compared to the unfathomable concept of eternity. That means that from God’s perspective, it takes two seconds to erase all of hell’s legions. Moreover, God will go into “Jesus mode” and personally lead the final charge that will obliterate Satan and the rest of hell’s legions. In the meantime, we are all free to choose our own path.

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