Archangel Consolidated

Spirit World

by Joel Fernandez

Anyone who has been to church has at some point heard of the spiritual realm. It is a place where angels and demons have clashed since time immemorial. It is also where heaven and hell are located. If you do some research about other religions, you would find out that there are ways to cross over into the spiritual realm temporarily without dying. It can be a very fantastical experience in some cases, but it is important to know a few rules before attempting to go there. Today’s conversation will be about what to do and what not to do when traversing the spirit world.

First of all, spirit world is not a place where humanity can make the rules. It is of the utmost importance that you do not let your pride compel you to make a grave mistake. Some cultures around the world encourage independent thinking to a certain extent. What’s more, the sense of nationalism that politicians encourage through their media subordinates will in some cases produce an individual who is stubborn to a fault and will not treat the subject of the spiritual realm with the level of seriousness that it requires. As there are no countries in the spiritual realm, nationalistic folly will not serve you well in such a place.

With that said, it is important to acknowledge that there are only two places that the human spirit can go. One can either go to heaven or hell, and there are simply no other choices that are available. God the father makes all of the rules and you will not be able to change his mind if you wait until after death to acknowledge him. If you are a true believer, God will assign a guardian angel to watch over you for all of the days of your life. If not, you will likely be in the presence of demons without even knowing it. To that end, it is possible for a nonbeliever to get dragged to hell prematurely.

Unfortunately, the world has more than its fair share of idiots. There will be some who will brazenly rush into the spirit world without a guardian angel and end up in the hands of the demons. Please do not be fooled by the entertainment industry’s attempt to romanticize the idea of going to hell and fraternizing with demons. They are wretched creatures who are in fact the personification of negative emotions. Hell is not a place that anyone wants to be. Not that they would ever admit it, but even the demons don’t like it there.

At any rate, it is important to acknowledge the fact that humanity was not designed to fight in the spiritual realm. But the point is moot because if a person gets to heaven, they would never want to leave it anyway. If a human goes to the spiritual realm to instigate battles with demons, the best case scenario would be for that person to get unfathomably terrified. The worst case scenario would be for a nonbeliever to get dragged to hell prematurely.

You might be wondering why buddhists who go to the spirit world don’t get dragged to hell, but they actually do sometimes. If you have ever heard of a buddhist monk that meditated until he could no longer move and could not wake up, that soul actually got dragged to hell. If you have a guardian angel and would like to communicate with him or her, make sure that you ask them to acknowledge that Christ is lord. A demon will always have an adverse reaction to that. Why does that make a demon evil? Because if Christ was not real, the demon would just go along with it and continue the pretense.

If you ever get a chance to watch the archangels fight, understand that they are designed with an inherently confrontational nature because of their role as generals in heaven’s military. They are honor-bound to charge into battle and lead from the front so that their angel subordinates can be encouraged by their example. They follow their creator’s orders and enjoy their work in ways that might seem blood-thirsty by human standards. So do not be discouraged if you go to spirit world to instigate battles with demons and end up scared to death. Just be happy that you were able to return to the physical realm and consider it a hard lesson learned.