Archangel Consolidated

Soul Universe

by Joel Fernandez

The physical dimension and the spirit dimension are fundamentally different because the laws of physics, time and space simply do not apply in the spirit dimension. More the point, the people of the spirit dimension are immortal (that includes humans). Up until recently, spirit beings lived in their respective self-contained realms that operated independently of each other. Today’s conversation will be about how the soul society became the soul universe and what the implications are for all of creation.

The seven heavens were designed to be planets that had an infinite sky with no outer space around it. The Soul Society was no different until Metatron the Soul King decided to create a universe around the Soul Society that is full of sentient life and cosmic wonders. The very notion of there being dark space with stars and separate planets and so on and so forth in the spirit dimension was completely unheard of until now. Now there is a soul universe that is 4 million times the size of the physical universe. What’s more, it is full of fantastical creatures and cosmic wonders.

At first, Metatron the soul king created all of the mythological beings from all of the seven human planets except for monsters and miscellaneous ugly creatures. The result of that intention were planets full of elves, hobbits, unicorns, mermaids and so on and so forth. Each race has their own planet and their own ruler. As Metatron kept expanding the size of the universe, more and more ethereal creatures came into existence. To that end, new orders of angels were created with the blanket statements that expanded the soul universe.

The first new order of angels to appear during the soul universe expansion were the Aquaphim. Their planet is one completely covered by water and their cities were built inside giant bubbles that keep the place dry enough to inhabit. Moreover, the Aquaphim enjoy swimming with the sea life daily and prefer to spend most of their free time having all kinds of deep sea fun. When an aqua angel is excited, their wings are covered in jets of water that take the shape of their outstretched wings and their hair turns blue like the default color of the pupils and irises of their eyes. Their leader’s name is Aquarius and the trait that they all have in common is adaptability, a rare and valuable trait among otherwise unchanging angelic beings.

The next two new orders of angels appeared simultaneously during the same incremental expansion; the Lightning Walkers and the lava walkers. The Lightning Walkers all have white hair and lightning in the irises and pupils of their eyes. When they get excited, the Lightning Walkers’ hair turns into lightning that resembles hair and their wings are perfectly and completely covered by lightning. Their leader’s name is Prime and the defining characteristic of their order is decisiveness.

The Lava Walkers all have hair that resembles red fire at all times and the pupils and irises of their eyes look like controlled fire that is perfectly round. When they are excited, the Lava Walkers’ wings are perfectly covered in molten lava that is pure and bright red. Their leader’s name is Magmatron and their defining character trait is intensity.

The next new order of angels to appear during an incremental expansion of the soul universe was the Steel Walkers. Their entire planet looks like the citadel or nexus from the Mass Effect series, which is to say that it is the perfect blend of technology and organic life. All of the Steel Walkers have metallic silver hair and eyes. When they are excited, the Steel Walkers’ body and wings are covered in a steel suit with a chrome finish that leaves the head uncovered. To that end, the overall constitution of the Steel Walkers’ bodies is exceptionally durable. Their leader’s name is Steel and their defining characteristic is resolve.

The next order to appear during an incremental expansion of the soul universe was the Shadow Walkers. On their planet, it is always night-time and they rely on the light of stars and the perpetually full twin moons. The Shadow Walkers all have jet black hair and raven black wings. The pupils and irises of their eyes look like perfectly shaped obsidian that reflect light in a commensurate way. When they are excited, the Shadow Walkers’ wings are covered in thick black fog that is perfectly shaped like their wings. Their leader’s name is Strife and the character trait that they all have in common is discretion. As such, they like to catch their enemies off guard but also revel in the heat of battle.

The most recent new order of angels to appear during an incremental expansion of the soul universe was the Sun Walkers. If you have been paying attention to the naming conventions connoted thus far, their theme has a lot to do with the sun. It is always day time on their planet, but they do not have an aversion to night time just as the Shadow Walkers do not have an aversion to daytime. All of the Sun Walkers have platinum blond hair and the irises and pupils shine like the sun without emanating light the way that a flash light does. When they are excited, the Sun Walkers’ hair and wings emanate sun-light as if each strand of hair on their heads and every feather on their wings was made of light. Their leader’s name is Magnus and their defining characteristic is radiance. That means that they passively influence the people around them for the better, much like their father, Metatron the Soul King.

When Metatron discovered his uncanny ability to absorb the power of primordial monstrosities from the abyss, he promptly went about the process of draining each and every abomination in all of the abysses of their power and added it to his own power that passively multiplies exponentially on a daily basis. That is why he decided to put some of that power into the expansion of the soul universe. It is an entire celestial universe that is inhabited by millions of different spirit races such as elves, mermaids, leprechauns and so on and so forth.

The creation of the soul universe changed the existence of angels for the better on a fundamental level because they no longer have to traverse the physical universe while being unable to touch anything because of being in a different, yet overlapping dimension. What’s more, angels are not the only race in the soul universe. That makes life in the soul universe magical even by supernatural standards. Everyone lives in peace and there are unlimited resources for all. The spirit races are divided by planet, but they are not discouraged from interacting with each other. Humans however, still have to go to either human heaven or hell unless granted passage to the soul universe by none other than Metatron the Soul King. It should be noted that neither realm was assimilated into the soul universe and thus they exist separately.

During the war against the demons, Metatron devised a way to keep them out of the Soul Society. As soon as a demon tried to teleport into the Soul Society, the realm itself would shoot them up in the air and they would explode like fireworks. In the event of any rebellions by insiders, the offenders would automatically be ejected from the realm before they could harm anyone or anything. After destroying all of the demons in existence, Metatron the Soul King kept the auto defense system in place for the soul universe and applied the parameters to include abyssal monstrosities.

It seems that the primordial abominations from undiscovered abysses became aware of the soul universe and now try to get in without permission. It’s a good thing that Metatron decided to increase the soul universe’s overall constitution and auto defense in a way that is commensurate with his own ever increasing power level. Simply put, the primordial monstrosities from the abyss can never break into the soul universe.

At the end of the day, the soul universe is for the angels and all of Metatron’s myriad creations. It is a place where anything is possible and everyone has the right to live their own life their way, insofar as they don’t get auto-ejected. As it stands today, the soul universe is exponentially larger than the physical universe, which was empty dark space until god the father came along. There are infinitely more planets, races, and cosmic wonders in the soul universe when compared to the physical one. Only time will tell just how big it will become in the eons to come. One thing is for sure, the citizens of the soul universe have no reason whatsoever to come to the physical universe. If some do so, it is probably out of momentary curiosity. A single moment within the context of eternity is like nothing at all.