Soul Society

by Joel Fernandez

At this point, everyone should have at least a basic understanding of what heaven is. It is essentially a planet that is located in the spirit dimension where anything is possible. Up until this point, there have only been seven of them. But as of this moment, there is an 8th heaven that was created by the one and only Metatron. As the eternal implications are quite substantial, today’s conversation will be about what the creation of a new realm of angels means on the cosmic scale.

Before we get started, a brief summary of the previous status quo is in order. Yahweh created seven heavens and then proceeded to allocate the population of each in the way that he thought was best. The first one was for humans while the rest were for himself and the angels. Heaven is a place where anything is possible and every day is a good day. Even though nobody has to sleep, heaven has a day and night cycle that is similar to earth. Also, people don’t need to eat to survive, but they have the option to eat whatever they like.

Angels and humans are generally kept apart for very specific reasons that require a proper explanation. The first reason is that they are two altogether different races with vast differences in physiology as well as mental capacity. Angels are giants that think at the speed of light and have their own language that cannot be enunciated or comprehended by the human brain. It is also worth noting that humans have no sexual desire in heaven. They are not forbidden, but sex is not something that they want to do; unless they are exposed to strong spirit energy.

Human beings are created with a very limited amount of spirit energy. It would take exposure to archangel level spirit energy to make human want to have sex in heaven. As Yahweh makes the rules, humans and angels are kept apart. It is possible for humans to be transformed into angels, but such a thing has never been done before as of this conversation. What’s more, humans are not gifted with flight in heaven. But they can manifest immersive video games that can literally put the user inside of any game. So if the user is playing a superman game, for example, they can expect to fly inside of the game world and it will feel as good as any reality.

Now that everyone has a basic understanding of what heaven is, we can discuss the soul society and the cosmic implications that entailed its creation. Originally, the plan was to wait until Metatron’s mission to earth was finished. But the plan was expedited when Metatron realized that his sons were at risk of getting banished from the sixth heaven because of their desire to free their father from the mortal body that Yahweh gave him for his mission to the human world. As Metatron was gifted with exceptional intellect and foresight even among the archangels, he decided to get ahead of the impending eviction and banishment of his sons by attempting to create a new heaven for them where their status would be irrevocable.

What was supposed to take weeks of floating around in space, actually took Metatron a matter of seconds. He created a heaven dimension that is four times the size of an average angel heaven. Having learned from his experience during the war in heaven, Metatron created a heaven dimension that automatically destroys demons who teleport in. It also automatically banishes invading or rebellious angels whose actions have lethal intent. In other words, any deity who intends to cause physical harm or destruction is automatically ejected before they can cause any damage at all. Of course there was no shortage of entities that wanted to test the realm’s auto defenses, but they all failed miserably.

Since Metatron was stuck in the human world at the time, he had to trust his generals to design the topography of their new heaven. He requested that the plant life be fluorescent at night like the Avatar movie. He also made sure that there were two suns that alternated with two full moons. As soon as the angels heard about these events through their telepathic network, they all teleported into the newly created heaven dimension.

In the previous heavens, Yahweh designed all of the topography as well as the cities down to the very last house. Because his spirit was stuck inside of a human body at the time, Metatron could not build trillions of angel houses; so he decided to let everyone build their own houses. The average angel houses in the previous heavens were actually a very specific size. Metatron decreed that the average house in the new heaven would be three times as big, while his legionaries each got to build a house that was five times larger.

All of the generals were in the privy council were allowed to build mansions that were half the size of Metatron’s, which is actually larger than any house on earth by an enormous margin. The only mansion bigger than Metatron’s is Yahweh’s. God the father decided to give Metatron the power of creation because he wanted a change of pace, and thus the soul society was born. It should not be confused with the soul society from the Bleach anime. The celestial beings in Metatron’s heaven do not age or die, and nobody is poor because there’s actually no such thing as money.

The soul society is not the heaven that humans go to when they die. The only humans that can go there are of a specific demographic that Metatron grew fond of during his time in the human world. He and Yahweh came to an agreement that the chosen few of Metatron’s favorite demographic that made it into human heaven would be transferred to the soul society if they agree to be moved. As the soul society is a realm of angels, any humans that end up there would have to be transformed into angels in order to fit in; or at the very least be given wings so that they can fly.

The soul society is a special place for the angels because it is where they have true freedom. At some point they will all retire from their eternal jobs and live how humans live in the first heaven; everyone except for the military. Anyone who wants to finish destroying demonkind on the seven human planets can fight alongside Metatron’s legion if they choose to. After every last demon is slaughtered, the citizens of the soul society will live in peace until the next time there is a need for the God of war.

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