Archangel Consolidated

Single-Player Games

by Joel Fernandez

It seems that these days is all about the battle royale games, or at least that’s what the so called “gamer media” would have us believe. While those games do appeal to a specific demographic, there will always be a need to have games that leave the entire world at your finger tips without forcing you to share with strangers who do not always mean well. Today’s conversation will be about why the solo gamer session will always be sacred.

Let’s just start off by saying that there is tremendous replay value in games that have PvP(player vs player) modes. The satisfaction of having vanquished a character that is controlled by another human brain is one of the best experiences in all of gaming. What’s more, every PvP session offers a different experience every single time that you decide to jump into the fray. But for those of us who have been playing video games since before the dawn of online gaming, there will always be time for games that let you press the pause button.

Anyone who loves video games will tell you that there’s nothing like the first play-through. There are some JRPG’s that encourage playing through the main story multiple times with clever game mechanics, but it’s still not the same. The feeling of having your sense of wonder piqued in ways that are reminiscent of the early days is one that cannot be so flippantly dismissed every time a new fad takes over the internet. Surely there are people who are reading these words that would much rather avoid the inevitable toxicity of the online gaming community.

Even if you are someone who plays PvP alone with your favorite music on your headphones, it’s only a matter of time before you get a message from some salty twelve year-old that wants to explain why he or she is entitled to harass you simply because you proved yourself superior during a particular PvP session on the most random of days. It gets even worse when having a chat window on your HUD(head-up display) is integral to the game-play experience the way it is in your favorite MMO(massively multi-player online).

Obviously online games have their charm, but there is a time and place for everything. To that end, there are times when saving the world is something that only you can do on your own time and at your own pace. That is why singe-player games will never go out of style. Because as long as gaming represents a way to escape into a world where one is singularly qualified to undertake missions where the world hangs in the balance, there will always be a need for the pause button. As fun as online PvP or even online PvE(player vs environment) can be, it waits for no one. At some point in an online gaming session, there will arise a situation when bathroom brakes can lead to your doom.

Obvious hyperbole aside, there will always be value in being able to take your time to accomplish your own goals. To that end, there will be times when you want to attack a certain in-game obstacle without having to ask for the permission of some random person who overtly threatens vomit verbal abuse if you refuse to play the game their way. Moreover, there is a very strong possibility that the whole battle royale thing is just the most recent in a long line of gaming fads that will run its course in due time. Even though video game publishers would make everything an online micro-transaction filled illusion, they won’t sell what we refuse to buy. So the next time that someone tells you that single-player games are going to go the way of the dodo bird, call it fake news.