Archangel Consolidated

Silly Superheroes

by Joel Fernandez

Everyone loves a good superhero movie. At best, they are the reason for a good night out with friends or family. Superhero movies give us a chance to escape reality for a few hours at a time so that the cares of this world will not weigh us down. But at some point the silly costumes that adorn the commensurately silly characters on screen cross the line into the absurd. While there’s nothing wrong with how a person decides to spend their $8 at the movies; there needs to be more acknowledgement given to the real superheroes of the universe.

At this point you might be wondering who the real superheroes are. Anyone who has any sense will point towards God the father and his angels. The super powers that are presented in comics, movies and TV are completely impossible without the power of God. More importantly, the reason for God’s intervention is because demonic entities have declared war on humanity. It is a celestial conflict that has been going on since before the beginning of time that has real world consequences for all of us.

It is a widely known fact that comic book characters are based on pagan gods. What is not so widely known is that every last pagan deity and myth is based on demonic rumors. They are meant to distract us from the fact that God the father is the only path to eternal life. The fact that the the pagan myths from the archaic times have been distilled into what we know as modern superheroes means that they have become a creation of humankind. That is the reason that superhero movies cannot be declared inherently evil. But it becomes a problem when people forget that God almighty is the source of all real superpowers.

The same principle applies to Harry Potter books and films. The fact that people are watching a pagan religion get romanticized is not actually the worst part. The problem occurs when people choose to believe more in pagan rituals that involve demonic power than in God almighty who’s biggest goal is to save humanity from those very same demons. The situation becomes even more troublesome when people view God the father as part of fictitious universe where his superiority becomes a matter of misguided subjectivity instead of irrefutable fact.

Moreover, the idea that super-powered beings from disparate planets can unite in the name of doing good just because it’s the right thing to do implies that good can exist without the grace of God; unless God the father is mentioned specifically. It is important to understand that the rules that God almighty has set in regards to the transformation of the humans into divine beings that enter heaven should be treated like the laws of physics. It goes without saying, one cannot simply choose to consider the rules of gravity as a matter of subjective opinion.

In conclusion, it is of the utmost importance to realize that God the father is the source of all true spectacular power. What’s more, it offends him when people think of him as an imitation of a sugar coated demonic rumor. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying comic books or the superhero movies that they inspire. It is simply a matter of knowing what’s what and who came first. As long as people remember that, they can avoid being lured to hell by a commercially successful lie.