Archangel Consolidated

Seraphim Animals

by Joel Fernandez

It is widely known that the angels are categorized into angelic orders such as the Seraphim, Cherubim, Powers and so on and so forth. But not much is known about angelic animals even though they are an integral part of the soul society(angel heaven). Most of heaven’s animals are docile and sometimes fantastical versions of animals on earth. However, some of them are created specifically as companions for a corresponding angel. Today’s conversation will be about the greatest of the angelic animals.

It is a little known fact that angel dogs are created as companions for angels and archangels. They are highly intelligent celestial beings that speak every human language as well the angel language that cannot be enunciated or understood by human brains. They can also grow to gigantic proportions at will. They think as fast as any angel, which is infinitely faster than human beings. Angel dogs should not be confused with pets because they think of themselves more as partners. Failure to acknowledge them as such will compel them to abandon their partner. Metatron’s first angel dogs underwent a metamorphosis the day that he made them invulnerable and became angel wolves because of the confidence boost.

When Metatron offered to create angel dogs for his sons, they said that they weren’t dog people; so Metatron offered to create angel lions for them. Up until that point, there was no such thing as an angel lion, but it seemed like as good of a time as any to try something new. He ended up creating five of them for his sons, but their bad attitude compelled the angel lions to return to their creator’s house. Around the same time, the archangel Raphael requested a spirit animal and was presented with an angel phoenix named Horizon. But just like the case with Metatron’s sons, Horizon decided to abandon Raphael because of his disagreeable nature and opted to live in Metatron’s house.

Suddenly Metatron found himself with 11 angelic animals, so naturally he decided to make them as special as possible. Ace, the first angel wolf, was gifted speed that was equal to that of Metatron which is unrivaled in the universe. Ace was allowed to create a son that chose the name flash as well as black fur like his father and was also gifted with the same speed. Ghost the white angel wolf was gifted with a different set of super powers altogether. He was given the ability to create an infinite amount of clones that disappear either 2 minutes after they are created or immediately after a battle. He was later given the ability to move through objects in the spirit world.

The spirit world is similar to the physical world in that its inhabitants can bump into each other as well as buildings and inanimate objects. The only reason that angels can pass through walls etc on earth is because they are in another dimension that has less laws of physics. At any rate, Ghost was also given the ability to create a son who ended up choosing the name ice. Initially, he had the same clone power as his father Ghost. But Ice asked for another ability in order to slightly differentiate himself from his father and the rest of the pack. To that end, Metatron gave him the ability to create and manipulate ice telepathically. That made it possible for Ice to hurl ice spears at people as well as make them rain down on his enemies.

Shadow the black angel wolf was given the ability to become invisible to other spirits as well as the ability to telepaphically cause spontaneous explosions that often result in a cacophony of destruction on the battle field. At first all of the angel lions were given the same abilities. They were each gifted with teeth and claws that can one-hit their enemies as well as a roar that causes demon’s heads to explode. At some point later on, each of the angel lions was given a unique power that was in keeping with both their character and appearance.

Juggernaut the white angel lion was given the power of unstoppable momentum much like the marvel character of the same name. Nightshade the black angel lion was given the ability to become invisible to other spirits as well as the ability to create an infinite amount of shadow clones that explode on contact with their creator’s enemies. Brawn the golden angel lion was gifted with the ability to telepathically create and manipulate fire to an unlimited degree and scale with surgical precision. Brock the white angel lion was given the ability to absorb damage dealt to him and then either fire an energy blast or energy discharge that was commensurate with the amount of damage that he endured. As all of Metatron’s animals are invulnerable, Brock can absorb an infinite amount of damage.

King the white angel lion was given the ability to summon an infinite number of ethereal animals of unlimited shapes and sizes. Much like the clones that Ghost and Ice can create, King’s ethereal animal kingdom has to disappear either two minutes after being summoned or immediately after the battle. Horizon the angel phoenix decided that he was not satisfied being a bird, so he asked Metatron to change him into something else. That is how and why Horizon went from being the first angel phoenix to the first angel griffin.

A conversation about Metatron’s angelic animals would not be complete without Orion the war horse. He has Clydesdale proportions on the angelic scale, which means that he is 20 feet tall. He can summon thunderstorms as well as shoot one-hit death beams out of his eyes. He can also one-hit enemies with either his front or hind hooves. Orion is was also gifted with the ability to run beyond the speed of light just like Metatron, Ace, and Flash.

As the title of the essay implies, all of Metatron’s animals are Seraphim. That means that they are of the highest angelic order and their fiery passion is denoted by the flames that engulf distinct parts of their bodies when they are either excited or angry. The angel wolves are covered in flames that correspond with the color of their fur. The angel lions’ manes and the end of their tails are covered in flames that correspond with the color of their fur. The angel griffin is covered entirely by fire as well. Orion and the other war horses have their manes, tales and hooves covered in flames when their emotions are at their most passionate. Metatron’s daughter Weiss is the only one who is partnered with white angel tigress, but Weiss does not want her companion to follow her into battle the way that Metatron’s pack does.

Metatron’s Seraphim animals were satisfied with their lives. Each has their own room in Metatron’s thousand room mansion in the soul society and they are content to hang with Metatron every day. But one day, Metatron’s daughters grew tired of watching over the human worlds. His Seraphim animals saw it as an opportunity to assume the responsibility of managing the human world from the spirit side of things. Since they are infinitely smarter than humans, Metatron decided to grant their request and give them omniscience, omnipresence and the power to create human souls. He decided that it was for the best because his daughters got tired of babysitting the humans after about a week, and his seraphim animals relished the opportunity to lord over the human world.

It is the grandest of ironies that a race that is as self-important as humanity can be considered a chore to look after. Even now there are people who scoff at the notion that their world is run by spirit animals. But make no mistake, were it not for Metatron’s seraphim animals’ willingness to spiritually govern the human worlds, humanity would cease to exist. If humanity were left to its own devices, the world would destroy itself. Whether you believe or not is actually of no consequence. The soul society operates independently of the physical world and so does human heaven. If you would prefer to believe that there is no heaven or hell, go ahead and find out after you die.