Archangel Consolidated

Religious Hypocrites

by Joel Fernandez

It should come as no surprise that the biggest threat to the human soul comes from within the church. While there are definitely some amazing people that run ministries all over the world, there are some who simply think of the church as big business. There’s nothing wrong with being paid appropriately for one’s work in any given ministry, insofar as the motive is indeed to bring people closer to the one true God. Today we will discuss why religious hypocrites are in fact the biggest threat to Christianity and the souls that gather within its boundaries.

For all intents and purposes, the church should serve as a place where even the most downtrodden can find hope. It is nice to think that in most churches that is indeed the case. But as with anything else in life, there is always an exception to the rule. There are some who view the church the means by which they can acquire power and wealth. They are the type that likes to lord over others and pass judgment whenever possible. Imagine being someone who turns to the church as a last resort after hitting rock bottom, only to discover that the so called church leaders are all examples of the worst kind of scum and villainy.

At its best, the church is a wonderful place where believers gather so that they can rejoice in the presence of the one true God. At its worst, the church is a place where people go to routinely have their emotions exploited for the benefit of others. How can you tell the difference? For starters, one who truly has Christ in their heart should not be naturally vindictive. It should be noted that the father of Christ has many names, including Jesus. But in the name of keeping it as simple as possible, we will refer to him as Christ. In any case, a person who acts as though they have been given the right to wield God’s judgment as a tool to oppress others is probably someone who tempts God to regret his own omniscience because of how much they disgust him.

Most people have the luxury of being able to maintain both a public and private face. In the best case scenario, a church leader’s public and private faces are very similar. There will obviously be differences because of the corresponding nature of both public and private conversations. But it goes a bridge too far when a person is preaching the word on Sunday and then committing atrocities that can appropriately be labeled as heinous on Monday and so on and so forth.

The reason that religious hypocrites are the biggest threat to the Christian soul is because if they happen to be in a position to raise children, they could quite possibly spawn several generations of religious hypocrites. In the most extreme cases, children who are raised in the church are so disillusioned by their own parents that they end up embracing the occult or become incorrigible atheists. The bible says that you can identify a tree by its fruit (Matthew 7:15-17). That should mean that if Mr. and Mrs. super preacher have rotten or suicidal kids, you would be right to suspect the worst about that particular home environment.

The worst part about religious hypocrites is that they cause would-be believers to stumble and perhaps forget about God entirely. They make true believers look bad and lead countless souls to their doom as a direct consequence. If you forget everything that you have read here today, you should try to remember that God is not like humanity. We are made in his image, but that does not make us omnipotent and so on and so forth. That means that if you run into a particularly despicable human being that seems to have an impeccable reputation at church, you should not confuse that person with the one true God who will judge everyone according to omniscient truth in the end.