Archangel Consolidated

Primanthos and the Abyss

by Joel Fernandez

Anyone who has ever been interested in the spirit world has probably heard myriad explanations about the origin of all life. Whether you believe in spiritual things, science, or a logical combination of both; today’s conversation is sure to be an eye opener. There will be some who will elect to stick with their current ideology while others will take the following paragraphs to heart. Either way, this is information that needs to be out there even if it is going to be subjected to an inhuman amount of scrutiny.

Perhaps some of you are familiar with a spiritual term called the abyss. It is in fact the most profound hole in the spirit dimension. It is the same one that Abbadon the destroyer ruled over for eons before he was destroyed and recreated as an archangel. It is the most primordial of places that predates heaven, hell, and the planet that we know as earth. It has been considered a “bottomless pit” since time immemorial by the denizens of both heaven and hell. At least it was until Metatron the god killer decided that he wanted to see for himself. To that end, he opened a portal that was designed to show him and his inner circle what (if anything) was at the bottom of the so called bottomless pit.

As it turns out, the abyss isn't actually bottomless after all. The first thing that Metatron and his comrades saw when they opened the portal was a pair of glowing eyes and a mouthful of jagged teeth. When the creature approached the light that was emanating from the portal, it appeared to be a frog-like monstrosity straight out of DMC 4(video game). While the rest of the room began to heave, Metatron thought that it was worth finding out if the creature had any useful information to share. It was at that moment that the portal pulled Metatron into the abyss where he found himself surrounded by billions of seemingly identical frog-like monstrosities, each of whom stood about ten feet tall.

Coincidentally, that was the moment that the first abyssal monstrosity decided to identify himself. He said “my name is Primanthos, king of the Primanthians, and I am going to devour your soul!”; right before lunging at Metatron with it’s gaping mouth that was full of jagged teeth. Fortunately, Metatron is by far the fasted being in all of existence. After sidestepping the beast, he tried to cut it to pieces before discovering that it had the ability to regenerate its flesh instantly. Not one to be discouraged, Metatron remembered that he faced a similar problem when he killed the monster that was once known as the behemoth. Opting to stay true to his technique progression, he proceeded to hit the beast with an energy blast that knocked it back several hundred yards.

When the abyssal monstrosity flew far enough to be pinned to the cave wall by the energy blast, Metatron flew after it with his blade ignited, determined to finish it off. That was when the creature decided to speak again and asked what the invader wanted. Metatron proposed an alliance on a whim, but the monster refused and politely asked him to leave and never return again. Metatron agreed, but curiosity got the best of him and he ended up returning to the bottom of the abyss for reasons that weren’t so obvious. Metatron goaded Primanthos into lunging at him again, but this time the archangel of war decided to drain 95% of the creature’s primordial power.

When Primanthos asked him what he had done, Metatron proclaimed himself the new king of the Primanthians (again, on a whim). He was met with with a cacophony of protests that revolved around the word never. He then proceeded to wiped out billions of them with a couple of very effective techniques, not the least of which was the fabled supernova that was known to obliterate billions upon billions of his enemies in one loud and spectacular explosion. That’s when the archangel of war employed his vaunted presence of mind and revived all of his enemies so that he could drain trillions of them of their power.

Metatron is actually the only being in existence that can absorb primordial power and add it to his own. After the battle was over, he just couldn’t resist the urge to ask Primanthos about the true origin of their race. As it turns out, Primanthos is the most ancient being in existence that even predates the deity that much of humanity recognizes as god. After some further inquiries, Primanthos revealed that he was in fact the primordial originator of life that others later claimed to be. He explained that he decided to create a son that was different from the rest of the Primanthians on a whim. He had a humanoid appearance but was very much part of the Primanthian culture for eons.

That one humanoid son was perfectly happy living in the darkness along with the rest of his people except for the fact that he was self-conscious about his appearance. As the rest of his race were a bunch of frog-like monstrosities, it would seem that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. At any rate, that insecurity led Primanthos’ humanoid son to resent his father and thus wanted to overthrow him. After several failed attempts, Primanthos decided to give his wayward son the gift of creation as well as omniscience before allowing him to ascend to the surface. That son’s name was Primanthar. When he created his kingdom, he gave himself many names that some of you might recognize. One of those names was actually Yahweh.