Nova Angels

by Joel Fernandez

In Christian angelology, it is generally accepted that there are nine orders of angels. But there are actually only five. They are the seraphim, cherubim, elohim, powers and principalities. The highest of these are the seraphim, who are known for their fiery wings. There have been more classes in the past, such as the watchers; but they have since been discontinued and destroyed. Today’s conversation will be about a subcategory of the seraphim now known as the nova seraphim.

Before people can understand what a nova seraph is, they must first understand what it means to be a seraph. The seraphim were originally divided into three categories; choir, royal guard, or warrior. It should be noted that many of the warriors are archangels but the rest of them hold the rank of angel. A seraph’s are wings light on fire whenever they are excited or angry because the fire denotes their passion.

There is in fact a royal family in heaven with God the father being the king and several of his archangel sons are the princes. If you are wondering why Jesus is not mentioned as the son of God, it’s because Jesus is the form that God the father takes when he comes to earth. In other words, they are essentially the same entity. In any case, the crown prince also known as Metatron was recently given authority by the creator to empower his subordinates by giving them some of his omnipotent energy.

The process raises the angel’s power level and changes it to feel more like Metatron’s energy, which is similar to God the father’s power yet distinct enough to be associated with heaven’s crown prince. It also transforms the angelic being involved into a seraph because Metatron himself is a seraph. Anecdotally, Metatron was among the first three beings that God the father chose to create at the beginning of time. The other two are his identical brothers Sandalphon and Rahab. They, along with the archangel Gabriel who closely resembles them, are the only celestial beings that are the same height as God the father; who is twelve feet tall unless he decides to grow or shrink himself for whatever reason.

One day Metatron decided to empower his entire legion to a power level that rivals and sometimes surpasses the most powerful of the archangels. This was a significant event because it marked the first time that an angel girl could defeat an archangel in single combat. As all archangels are male, the idea of an angel girl giving one of them a beating was previously unthinkable. So you can imagine the excitement in heaven when it started happening on a regular basis in sparring sessions. At any rate, the creation of the nova seraphim marked a historic occasion that altered the power scale that has literally been in place since the dawn of time before the creation of humans.

The term archangel is actually a military rank and power level that can be applied to members of any of the five classes of angels. As was previously stated, there are times when the roles of the different classes overlap. For example, Metatron is a choir master as well as a warrior general that is in command of 110 million nova seraphim. He then delegated authority of his legion to his 14 seraphim royal guards, 9 of whom originally served in the throne room of God the father since the dawn of creation.

Although born an archangel himself, Metatron’s character has been heavily influenced by humanity since he has come to earth on divine assignment twice. As such, the concept of change is something that he is slowly introducing to his comrades as well as the rest of angel heaven’s society; insofar as God the father does not object. It is important to place emphasis on the distinction between human heaven and angel heaven because they are two altogether different races with drastically different physiology and language. Humans reside in the first heaven while God the father resides in the seventh. That means that there are six heavens full of angels and one reserved for humans

The subject of heaven has been imagined several different ways by theologians and artists since time immemorial. They all have some sense of vague truth to them, but none of them have described the topography of heaven. The seven heavens are each their own planets that are in the spirit world. Since time and space operate differently the spirit world, there is no such thing as overcrowding. The creation of the nova seraphim has introduced change in such a way that it affects all of the heavens.

Up until very recently, God the father was the only one that could raise and lower power levels. The idea of an archangel being allowed to ascend to godhood had been unheard of until that point. God the father is capable of giving everyone their own unique energy that manifests itself in an aura that is commensurate with that angelic being’s character and power level. Since Metatron is not all-knowing, everyone that he empowers is granted energy that is similar to his. As it turns out, everyone who has received that gift feels like they have been reborn.

If you want to put it in human terms, picture being able to sense a person’s character long before they are close enough to be visible. Such a thing does not typically happen with human beings because they are comparatively weak on the cosmic scale as opposed to celestial beings who are actually made entirely of energy. At any rate, Metatron has to limit his power distribution to his inner circle and his direct subordinates. This is done out of deference to God the father, who takes pride in doing everything right the first time.

Fortunately, he was able to grant his angel dog increased power and invincibility. As a result of being granted the canine version of omnipotence, Metatron’s angel dog transformed into an angel wolf and changed his name to Ace. Angel dogs consider themselves partners instead of pets since they can talk and express their own opinions. Since Metatron empowered Ace to the point that he could devour even the strongest arch-demons, you can expect those two to destroy demonkind until demons become extinct.

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