Archangel Consolidated

New Release Hype

by Joel Fernandez

They say that to live is to learn. Things that might not make sense early on might be perfectly clear in retrospect. It is the way of things no matter what dimension you happen to live in. As such, you can find opportunities to learn and grow in every part of life. The video game industry is no exception. In years past, game releases could come and go without anyone even noticing. But during the internet age, the word advertising has taken on a whole new meaning. Today’s conversation will be about knowing when to ignore the hype and do what is best for you.

Many of us have been there before(author included). We get caught up in a YouTube loop that revolves around new game releases for months or even years in advance. We see people who look, walk and talk like us telling us about how awesome the new games are before we even get to see the finished product. What many of us discover at launch is that the game might not be a finished product. There might be all kinds of bugs and glitches; some of which are minor while others literally break the game experience.

For the sake of this conversation, let’s all assume that the game is everything that it is advertised to be. After all, that has indeed been the case on many occasions. The point is that even if it is the right game, it might not be the right time. There might be some who are fortunate enough to say that money is not a problem. For one reason or another, they might have the resources to pre-order every game without having to make any sacrifices in their budget. But for many of us, that is not exactly the case.

Imagine being so enthralled to the internet hype that you go into debt to buy new games. Imagine going to your local game store and trading in over half of your collection for one new game that will eventually get as old and worthless as what you are trading for it. Imagine sacrificing your quality of life for two whole weeks before your next paycheck. To some people, that is or was a reality at one point in their lives. All for a game that will inevitably go on sale for a fraction of the $59.99 US that it was worth at launch.

To their credit, many internet gaming personalities are up front about their skepticism towards certain game releases. But don’t forget that their advertising power is the reason that many of them get review copies before the official release date. It’s not difficult to imagine the crew over at x, y, or z gaming channel passing that review copy around until everyone gets a turn or two. Such details are worth noting because the stakes are not as high for them as they are for a gamer on a budget.

Whatever your situation is, the moral of the story is that some games are more fun when they go on sale. Even if the game is everything we thought it would be, we will inevitably see that same game on sale for a fraction of the original cost. It is easy to feel left out when we see people on our “friend list” playing the newest game that we may or may not have heard of years in advance. But it is important to understand that after they beat the game, they would be jealous of anyone who is playing it for the first time a year later because there’s nothing like the first play-through. Whatever you do, just remember to decide for yourself.