New Earth

by Joel Fernandez

The apocalypse is a subject that has been covered over and over again in church and in the media since time immemorial. The bible says that Christ will return and finish destroying what’s left of the demons and end all life on earth by sorting out the redeemed and the lost. And while that is true, nobody ever seems to talk about what comes after. Today we will talk about why God almighty wants to wipe the slate clean.

First of all, Christ never does anything without good reason. So if fire and brimstone and apocalyptic spiritual warfare is what’s necessary for the greater good, that is exactly the plan that he will set in motion. But there seems to be a misunderstanding of what exactly will occur during the end war. To that end all of the chaos and destruction that will engulf the earth during Armageddon will be be brought about by humankind.

Free will and mental toughness are humanity’s defining characteristics. In fact, humans are mentally tougher than angels and demons. Nonetheless, that same mental toughness that makes humanity unique in the grand scheme of things is very much a double-edged sword. On the one hand, humanity has the will and determination to survive in what can sometimes be a very cruel world. But on the other hand, that can just as easily become incorrigible stupidity in certain cases.

In the end, it will be humanity’s desire to dominate each other that will bring about the end of the world. All of the death, destruction and suffering will play out on earth will be mirrored in the spiritual plane at the same time because what happens in one realm will inexorably affect the other. Christ will indeed rapture the faithful beforehand as well as offer those left behind one last chance to get sorted in the proper category. All of humanity will either be sorted into the heaven category or the spiritual death category. For all intents and purposes, being sent to limbo to wait for the inevitable spiritual death is tantamount to being thrown into the spirit trash.

Which brings us to the point of this whole conversation; what happens next? After purging all of the demons from existence and wiping the slate clean as far as humanity is concerned, God will make earth the way that he originally intended. Humans will be immortal and there will be no disease left in the world. Moreover, humanity will populate the entire universe on planets that will be governed by God’s archangels. To that end, the archangels will be permitted to have their superpowers in the physical realm and will be able to fly and so on and so forth.

The reason that humanity will need to be governed is that even though they will be immortal, humans will never be perfect and neither will angels. If for some reason a faction of angels become anathema to God after the apocalypse, they will be disposed of quickly along with their human puppets in the most spectacular way possible. In other words, false religions will not be tolerated the way that they are during this time-line. As was previously stated, humanity has the free will and determination to choose their path. After the fact, there will be no need to think of anyone that ends up in the spirit trash.

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