Archangel Consolidated

New Beginnings

by Joel Fernandez

At some point in life there arises a need for a fresh start. That need can materialize in different ways for different people. New neighborhood, new state, new country, new continent and so on and so forth. The need for change is something that any human being can understand, insofar as they have lived long enough to desire change in the first place. What is not so understood is when the spirit world changes and the effect is manifested in the physical world for all of us to see. Today’s conversation will be about the latter rather than the former.

Let’s start with the most basic of spirit level changes and progress towards even larger implications. The world that we live in is actually divided into territory that is either won or lost by one spirit faction or another. For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume that only one kind of spiritual war has played out in front of a global audience of human spectators. Now that we have everyone’s assumptions in proper order, we can talk about the only kind of celestial warfare and what the implications are for the physical world.

When a territory is conquered by either side, it is assigned to a principality. A principality is part of one of the five eponymous angelic orders. They are essentially in charge of deploying archangels and their corresponding legions (10 million warrior angels each) whenever demonkind begins to encroach on our conquered territory. As soon as the battle is over, the archangels and their legions return to heaven while the principality stays in order to establish a presence.

Each country gets one principality at a time and as a result, things generally get better if our side is in charge. But it is very important to remember that human nature does not always need to be influenced by the supernatural in order to be terrible. Bad things will still happen from time to time, but not nearly as often as when a demonic principality is in charge. In order for things to get even better, human nature would have to change on a fundamental level. In order for that to happen, someone else would have to be put in charge of distributing human souls to unborn children.

If humanity were to start getting their souls created by powerful archangels such as Seraphel, Alexander and Julius; humanity would actually have souls that resemble that of three of the sons of Metatron. Keep in mind that angelkind in general is much more one dimensional than the being that many recognize as god. That would make humans essentially good instead of essentially bad. Try to resist the state run media propaganda that says human nature is basically good. If you actually pay attention to the news, you would see that atrocities are committed by people every day; and that’s just what they choose to show you.

Not all human beings are evil, but children that are not raised properly will likely become something that is akin to the humanoid monstrosities that sometimes appear on the news after mass shootings or after a series of murders are committed in separate yet equally atrocious instances. The difference between the humans with the contrasting souls would be so great that an apocalypse may be necessary in order to make sure that one batch of humans does not prey on the innocence of the other.

If such a monumental change were to take place, it would be relayed to the religious leaders of all of the Abrahamic religions by the Elohim; who are of course another one of five angelic orders. They are in charge of staying in touch with religious leaders who are genuinely sensitive to the spirit world and can hear divine messages. They would be the ones who would prepare the church for the rapture, which will take place much sooner than people think.