Archangel Consolidated

New Angelic Orders

by Joel Fernandez

Until now it has been common knowledge that originally there were 9 angelic orders in heaven. What is not quite as well known is that the number of angelic orders has fluctuated and even increased very recently. When Metatron the Soul King decided to expand the Soul Society and turn it into the Soul Universe, new angelic orders were created and integrated into angelic culture. Today’s conversation will be about what new orders exist in the realm of angels as well as what became of the original 9.

When Metatron the Soul King incrementally expanded the Soul Universe, several new angelic orders with their own unique characteristics were made manifest according to the truth of Metatron’s heart. By the time the Soul Universe reached 1 trillion times the size of the physical universe, there were a total of 23 new angelic orders. Moreover, they each have their own planet and their own characteristics that made them stand out much like the Seraphim always have.

Until now, the Seraphim were the only order of angels whose wings had some sort of emotion based transformation. But now there were a total of 13 classes of angels that all had wings that denote the characteristics of the specific order that they belong to. As a result of the sudden influx of angelic beauty into the Soul Universe, 8 of the first 9 angelic orders asked to be transformed into members of the new classes of angels. To that end, most of the original angelic orders ceased to exist.

The first order to request a transformation were the Cherubim. It started with a very specific Cherub named Raphael who asked Metatron to transform him into one of the Aquaphim. As we have discussed in previous essays, the Aquaphim are an order that is characterized by the jets of water that perfectly cover their wings and the adaptability of their personalities. As such, the Cherubim were able to make the adjustment because the transition from patience to adaptability was not as much of a leap as the transformation into a Seraph would be. That is because the passion of the Seraphim is the opposite of the patience of the Cherubim. Since all of the Cherubim chose to become Aquaphim and acknowledge that Aquarius the Soul Prince is the leader of the order, the there are no longer any angels that fall into the Cherub classification.

All of the Elohim decided to become Sun Walkers, the order of angels that is distinguishable from other orders because of how their hair and wings glow like sun-light when they are excited. They Elohim still perform the same function as before, conveying the word of god to the spiritual leaders of the world. They have simply chosen to transform into angels that are known as much for the radiance of their personalties as they are for the glowing golden hair and wings that define their emotionally charged moments.

The Principalities all decided to become Steel Walkers since the war against Satan and the demon hordes has been definitively won. They chose to become Steel Walkers because the dutifulness that the Principalities are known for is akin to the resolve of the Steel Walkers. Since all of the demonic principalities were destroyed, the decision to become silver-haired and silver-eyed Steel Walkers is more of a style choice.

The Powers were the only original order of angels who were not monolithic in their transformations into angels of different orders. Instead of unananimously deciding to assimilate into one new order or another, the Powers decided on an individual basis and the result was an eclectic group of 3 billion angels who perform the same duty as before. They manage the balance of power by granting random people in the country that they were assigned to success in whatever they work towards.

The Arazari decided that they should all become Lava Walkers because the determination that they were known for is similar to the intensity of the Lava Walkers. The Arazari order was actually defunct until Metatron the Soul King decided to revive them after he rose to power. They were a group of exceptionally violent angels who were known for their savagery in battle. Honestly, their disposition and temperament remains largely the same. The only difference is that now they acknowledge Magmatron the Soul Prince as the leader of the order that they chose to join.

The Conquestarri all chose to become Shadow Walkers because they simply thought that the whole theme of the order led by Strife the Soul Prince was really cool. They are pretty much the ninjas of the angelic military that are known for their discretion. What’s more, all of the Shadow Walkers can teleport and slash the same time; a trait that is nonexistent among angelic warriors who are not blessed by Metatron. The Conquestarri were another one of the 4 defunct angelic orders to be revived by Metatron the Soul King. The previously defunct order of Watchers also decided to become Shadow Walkers presumably because of similar reasons as the Conquestarri.

The Death Bringers all chose to become Soul Reapers. The Soul Reapers are another of the angelic orders that were created by one of the blanket statements that incrementally expanded the Soul Universe. Their role in the angelic hierarchy is similar to that of the angels of death, a faction that was part of the now defunct Cherubim order. Their job is to separate souls from bodies and escort them to heaven. It is worth noting that souls that end up in hell go straight there when their body expires.

The Death Bringers differ from the angels of death(who all retired) and the Soul Reapers because they specialize in killing mortal bodies by means other than simply separating the soul from the body and watching the body die in the process. To that end, having one’s soul separated from their body is an act of mercy that typically occurs while the person is asleep. The Death Bringers are designed to punish particularly evil groups of people who oppress the righteous. In any case, the Death Bringers still function as they did before with Jethro as their leader, except that Jethro now acknowledges Slade the Soul Prince as the leader of the order. In essence, Death Bringer is a more of a job description than an order of angels. They are still deployed when particularly violent heathens have to be killed, but now they do it with the reliability of the Soul Reapers.

Including the order of Angel Mechs, there were 14 new orders of angels that denote the expansion of the Soul Universe. The total number of angelic orders stood at 23 until they chose to consolidate into the 13 orders that most resembled their original classes. The voluntary transformation of all of angelkind into new classes of angels denotes the transition of power that led to the rule of Metatron the Soul King. The only angelic order that was among the original 9 that chose to stay the same were the Seraphim. Led by Metatron since the beginning of time, the passionate Seraphim chose to remain as they are with their fiery wings and temperaments because after all, it was one of the Seraphim who overthrew the old celestial hierarchy and created the Soul Universe. It is worth noting that all of the new angelic orders are led by the sons of Metatron the Soul King.