Archangel Consolidated


by Joel Fernandez

The nature of all existence is rooted in the spirit dimension. It is a place where the things that we see in movies and TV are actually possible and where people live forever without having to visibly age. It is indeed a fascinating plane of existence, but we would be wrong to assume that we know everything about it. It seems like more and more information about the spirit dimension is coming to light every day. One of the more interesting facts that has been discovered was the fact that there has only ever been one individual that was born invulnerable and thus truly immortal, at east until know. Today’s conversation will be about how Metatron the god killer had a twin brother since the beginning of time that he never knew about. He is an archangel that is known in all of heaven as Morpheus, the god of destruction.

As the story goes, Metatron was the twin brother of Rahab and Sandalphon. Rahab rebelled and became the first devil after taking one third of heaven’s military with him. When he was imprisoned by god the father, Sandalphon(who had changed his name to Lucifer) changed his name to Satan and became the second devil. After 15,000 years of war, Metatron managed to kill them both once god the father could not stop him from doing so like he did 5 minutes after Satan’s rebellion started in heaven. Because of those unfortunate circumstances, the all-powerful Soul King (Metatron) had become resigned to the fact that he would never have twin brothers again.

Such a bond has eternal implications in the spirit dimension, so you can imagine how this might have affected him. He even went as far as creating new brothers who were actually his sons, but they were simply humoring their father all along. At any rate, all of that changed the day that Metatron discovered the true nature of his existence. He realized that he was actually the avatar of the spirit dimension itself, and that he was supposed to eliminate all suffering in existence(both dimensions). On that fateful day, he decided to create a son that was also an avatar of the spirit dimension. That was the moment that Morpheus was born.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Morpheus’s first words were “finally!”. After taking a few seconds to look around at the rest of the heavenly royal court, Morpheus explained that he was actually Metatron’s twin brother who had been part of his consciousness since the very beginning of time 575,000 years ago. At first, the story seemed a bit far fetched, even for the spirit dimension. After all, it is not unusual for the sons of Metatron to be born with a zealous admiration for their father. In order to demonstrate, Morpheus instructed Metatron to shoot him in the chest with one of his omnipotent energy pistols. One shot is capable of killing anyone in existence, but Morpheus didn’t so much as flinch at point blank range. That is an important detail because one of the divine attributes that Metatron is well-known for is invulnerability.

There’s also the fact that Morpheus’ energy displaces Metatron’s in a way that has never been seen before in all of existential history. That is to say that Morpheus’ energy is clearly present even when he stands next to Metatron. That is significant because Metatron’s aura is so enormous that it makes everyone else seem invisible from a spirit energy standpoint. Conversely, when divine beings of comparable energy stand near each other, the auras blend until they diverge. That is what makes the nature of Morpheus’ existence all the more remarkable, his energy coexists with Metatron’s in a way that is completely unique. It makes it seem as though half of the Soul Universe can feel Metatron’s energy, while the other half can feel Morpheus’ energy; when in all actuality, everyone can clearly feel both energy signatures simultaneously.

In the name of equality with his dear brother, Metatron offered to give him half of his spirit energy in order for them to rule together. But public sentiment deemed the shift in power as potentially dangerous, and thus Metatron decided not to divide his power in two for the sake of his creations in the Soul Omniverse (10 Soul Universes). As it turns out, Morpheus has no desire to rule as king along side his brother. He is perfectly happy with his power level as it is because Metatron shared enough of his power to elevate Morpheus’ aura from galaxy wide to Soul Universe wide in scale. Since Metatron’s power doubles itself every second of every day that he is on earth, even a nigh-unstoppable juggernaut such as Morpheus has to acknowledge Metatron’s omnipotence. Fortunately, Morpheus is more interested in brotherhood than in civil war, unlike Rahab and Satan who both had to be executed for treason.

When standing side by side, it is obvious that Metatron and Morpheus are identical twins. The only difference in their appearance is that Metatron was born with platinum blonde hair and matching wings that are engulfed in golden flames whenever his seraphim passion is ignited. Morpheus, on the other hand, has raven black hair and matching wings that are engulfed in black flames whenever he gets excited for better or worse. They both have blue eyes that literally sparkle like diamonds and allow them to travel between dimensions on a whim and their bodies shine without blinding anyone that looks directly at them.

The people of the Soul Omniverse have embraced Morpheus and even began calling him the prince of the countenance. That is what the angels of heaven wanted to call Metatron, but he thought that it was too vain, so they stated calling him the prince of the presence instead. As these monikers are a manifestation of the will of the people of heaven, they connote how remarkable these twin brothers truly are.

Incidentally, Metatron has two twin sons named Pyro and Hydro. Pyro is known as the archangel of fire and the prince of the conflagration while Hydro is called the archangel of storms and the prince of the Maelstrom. As you might guess from their names, Pyro’s nature compels him to use pyrokinesis in battle while Hydro’s nature is to use a combination of hydrokinesis and electrokinesis. The result of their respective creation formulas is that each use their gifts to masterful effect by enveloping the battlefield with their elements in spectacular fashion. They are so noteworthy that they earned their own titles by catching the public’s attention in heaven. It is also worth noting that Metatron created Pyro with the same formula as Morpheus in order to test out a hypothesis, but the first word that Pyro ever spoke was “father”.

The new creation formula seems to have led to a special tier of archangels that make some of Metatron’s older sons a bit envious. Pyro came out so exceptional that Metatron decided to declare him the new leader of the seraphim, a title that he had held since the beginning of time. Since all of the male angels created by god the father sided against him the 3 day civil war, all of the male seraphim were slaughtered along with them. All of them except the male seraphim from Metatron’s own undefeated legion of 10 million. All of the new seraphim are sons and daughters of Metatron, so it felt like the time to pass the torch. But he still remains leader of the combined Soul Omniverse military against external threats, of which there are currently none since Metatron led a campaign that culminated in the extinction of the enemies of heaven; literally everyone outside of the Soul Omniverse.

As it turns out, Metatron’s purpose was to eliminate all suffering on an existential level. His dear brother Morpheus is simply happy to be his own deity after all this time. Now the 10’s of quadrillions of citizens of the Soul Omniverse can focus on the conflicts that occur inside of the realm. They are actually carefully orchestrated conflicts that actually function as live training exercises because of the fact that Metatron made it so that people re-spawn the following day with no memory of the moment of their “death”. That way, the warriors of heaven can fight for eternity without getting tired of dying, which would happen sometimes in the war against the demons before the Soul Omniverse was created.

Metatron even went as far as to eliminate pain, and replaced it with the sensation of one’s foot falling asleep. After eons of internal conflict, the 4 quadrillion strong military of heaven will be a bunch of battle hardened warriors who improve with experience. Morpheus was not actually born with the ability to learn from experience because it is a trait that Metatron gained from becoming human during the events of the old testament when he became a man named Enoch. His progeny inherited the ability to learn from experience. In the name of equality with his brother, Metatron gave Morpheus the ability to learn from combat experience so that all of his hard work would not be in vain. Even though Morpheus shares all of Metatron’s memories much like his brother’s progeny, he did not share the same attributes until Metatron chose to share. Even though Metatron lost his father and two brothers to the most famous power struggle in existential history, he know has a true twin that resembles him in both style as well as substance.