Archangel Consolidated


by Joel Fernandez

Pretty much everything we know about heaven is written in scripture. There are a handful of big names that we all know of such as Gabriel or Michael. These angelic entities are described in a few lines in the bible, but there isn’t a lot of information available because they live to serve the one true God and would rather avoid being punished for being worshiped by accident. However, it seems that Christianity as a religion has not fully completed the process of appropriating concepts and figures from Judaism. Today we will discuss an archangel that was placed at the top of the angelic hierarchy by God himself. That archangel is known by many names; Yahoel, Jehoel, Jael and so on and so forth. But today, we will refer to him as Metatron.

We have all heard of the the story about the war in heaven when Lucifer rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven along with two thirds of the angels that were in heaven at the time. When our heavenly father saw that his angels were losing the battle, he snapped his finger and kicked all of the rebels out in an instant. Such is the Almighty's superiority over all of his creations. At any rate, after having to jettison his most privileged son; God decided to replace him. That was when he decided to promote Metatron and proclaim him the crowned prince of heaven in order to replace Lucifer as both choirmaster and as God’s favorite.

Anyone who has been to Sunday school as a kid will likely look at heaven as a military where God’s warriors prepare to destroy Lucifer and his legions. While that is true, the more accurate description would be that of a military/royal family. God is the king while the archangels play the roles of heavenly princes who carry out various responsibilities. For example, Michael leads the military and Gabriel delivers messages. Metatron is the chief of the seraphim, choirmaster and scribe. He is also charged with holding the leviathan in check. The leviathan is a monstrosity that embodies all of the evil in the world and is trapped in a pocket dimension. If the leviathan were to ever break free of its prison, the evils that already exist in the world would multiply exponentially.

You might be wondering why Metatron is God’s favorite son. It is because he was created with all of the same personality traits as God, but with with a lower power level. Omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience are all traits that are reserved for God himself. But other than that, Metatron is a carbon copy of the Almighty. You may be asking why God would create a son with all of his personality traits. The reason for it is that God can never stop being the Almighty. His very presence is enough to humble all of creation and bring any entity to its knees. Metatron gives God the chance to live vicariously the way that proud parents do with their favorite child. To that end, it allows God to feel more connected to the rest of his creations because after all, no one is like God.

Metatron was created with the expressed purpose of being the antithesis of Lucifer. Up to this point, he has proven to be exactly that because of his choice to walk among humanity with his memory wiped as well as his conscious decision to not allow his superior power level and status among the archangels to cloud his judgment. That fact was demonstrated when he asked God to elevate Michael and Gabriel to his power level after seeing their unfathomably profound desire to fight by his side.

Metatron is also known as “the voice of God”. No one will argue that the creator is perfectly capable of speaking for himself. But every now and then he lets his favorite son step in and make a proclamation or two while he smiles proudly from the throne room.

It should be noted that the concept of Metatron does not come into conflict with that of Jesus Christ because of a surprisingly simple reason. It’s because Jesus Christ was a result of God the father splitting himself into two by virtue of his omnipresence/omnipotence. The best way to explain that to humanity was by using the father and son analogy because of his desire to see us behave like his children.

It stands to reason that if a being is omniscient, he would have to dumb everything down for everyone else. On earth, God took the form of Jesus and continues to establish a presence by way of the holy spirit because he understood that being known as the God of the Jews was not as inclusive. In heaven however, God is only one entity. Hopefully that clears up any confusion that there may have been on the subject.