Archangel Consolidated


by Joel Fernandez

Anyone who has been to Sunday school has heard the story about Jonah and the whale. Long story short, Jonah refused to go preach the gospel in a city that he had the utmost contempt for (Nineveh) so God had him swallowed by a whale for three days. After the three days and nights passed, God forced the whale to throw up so that Jonah could go on his mission to Nineveh. But in actuality, the whale was actually the leviathan; a monstrosity that was born of the sins of mankind. Today’s conversation will be about what the leviathan is and what the implications are for the free will of humanity.

First and foremost, it is important not to underestimate the free will of humanity. There are times when it is very easy to look at present circumstances and wonder why God would allow such horrible things to happen. The answer to that question is rather simple. Humanity will always have the freedom to choose their path and its corresponding consequences. It is also worth noting that the spirit world that God inhabits indeed has its own established concept of cause and effect. To that end, the sins of humanity manifested into the aforementioned monstrosity known as the leviathan.

Moreover, the leviathan was so strong that it actually took God’s omnipotence to kill it in a bitter struggle. In other words, the leviathan was not something that God could just swat like a fly as he would with everything and everyone else. It actually took unfathomable strength and valor to vanquish that beast for the good of the human race that gave birth to it.

One day, God the father decided that the leviathan had to die. He ultimately decided to send his most formidable group of archangels that included the twin brothers Metatron and Sandalphon, who are a step above the rest in terms of power. Anecdotally, what makes this group special is that the idea of thirty archangels cooperating was unheard of until Metatron demonstrated above average power and leadership skill. By nature, archangels are very confrontational and are known to to congregate in groups that are no larger than thee or four. But even this formidable band of brothers found the task of destroying leviathan a bit daunting.

It seemed that no matter what the archangels tried, nothing could hurt the leviathan. They tried gouging the eyes out, but they just regenerated. They literally tried going inside the belly of the beast as a means to attack the internal organs, but the beast just barfed them out. At one point they aimed their combined energy blasts at the creature, but that only made it more angry. After several futile attempts to pierce the monster’s skin, Metatron managed grab the leviathan’s tail and fly it into outer space. Once there, Metatron decided to throw it into the sun in a last ditch effort to vanquish the unruly monstrosity. The throw would have come up short had it not been for Yahweh's (God the Father) decision to push the monster into the sun himself. After writhing in agony for about two seconds, the leviathan was finally dead.

At that point Metatron was almost as powerful as God the father. So the fact that it took both of them to kill a monster that was born of humanity is very telling. It speaks to the nature of free will and the long term implications that it has on both the physical and spiritual realms. To that end, humanity will ultimately have the power to decide the fate of the planet. God only intervenes on certain occasions. But for all intents and purposes, the concept of cause and effect on earth is controlled by humanity itself.

That means that when the world comes to and end, it will not be because of supernatural forces that will it to be thus. But in his mercy, God decided that he would give humanity a second chance in a world where people practically live forever. More succinctly, people will live forever insofar as they are not killed. So the next time that you find yourself asking why bad things can happen to good people, remember the significance of free will.