Archangel Consolidated

If God Could be Killed

by Joel Fernandez

On the cosmic scale, humankind is relatively intelligent. Intelligent enough to understand the difference between right and wrong within the context of civilization. Anything that harms oneself or others is bad, and anything that is good for oneself as well as others is good. The term relatively intelligent has to be applied because there is only so much knowledge to be gained on planet earth. Today’s conversation will be about knowledge that can only be found outside of the world of physical beings.

To that end, we will discuss what it would mean if god were killed and replaced by his angelic children and what the implications would be for all of humankind. If you are from the church, mosque or synagogue, such a conversation would probably be considered the most egregious of blasphemies. But no matter what our beliefs are, we should never be the enemies of information itself. Information should either be digested or discarded, but not demonized in and of itself. At any rate, let us begin our spiritual conjecture without fear of religious persecution from people who stand to gain money and power from the obedience of the truly faithful.

In many religious circles, there seems to be a general consensus that god almighty cannot be killed. But the general consensus in the spirit world is that anyone can be killed by someone who is vastly more powerful. Take a moment to consider what we have been told about how god has always existed and was not simply created like the rest of us. If that were indeed the case, it would take a drastic change of heart to go from happy solitude to creating the universe full of spiritual and physical beings. If we use just a little bit of extrapolation, it would take roughly the amount of time that it took him to get tired of a universe full of nothingness to get tired of the current status quo. If we are talking about the supreme deity of the universe, such a mood swing may not bode well for all of creation.

After examining the time-line that many of us have been given about the creation of the universe, it stands to reason that god’s mentality is actually subject to change. Moreover, it would be prudent to ponder the possibility that such a powerful being could be driven mad by absolute power. That is, of course, assuming that he was not crazy by our created standards to begin with. In any case, such a circumstance may bring the being that calls himself god to an impasse with other spirit beings who have unpublicized yet competing interests. If that were the case, the being that calls himself god would have to be killed.

For the sake of our spiritual conjecture about a world that humankind cannot freely explore, we already established the fact that any spirit being can be killed by another spiritual being that is of substantially greater power. If another spirit being were to acquire the ability to raise and lower power levels at will, that would leave the false god vulnerable to a power downgrade that would pave the way for that divine being’s spiritual death. When it comes to killing spiritual beings, there are some potential complications that need to be considered. For example, a spiritual being that is blessed with invulnerability can only be maimed by spirit-blade attacks from more powerful beings instead of outright killed like others would.

If god almighty were one such being that was blessed with invulnerability, the only way to kill him would be to lower his power level to that of a human and then punch him so hard that his body disintegrates into scattered energy that cannot sustain consciousness. If that were indeed the case, you might as well consider the false god dead. As for the implications for humanity, that is when things begin to get interesting.

In order for humankind to continue, every unborn child has to be given a unique soul long before birth. Without a creator to distribute souls to the unborn children of the world, every child would be still-born and eventually humanity would go extinct. But if the angels were to assume the responsibility for creating new human souls, humankind would continue to exist. The thing about creation is that each soul comes out of the heart of the being that created it. Meaning that if god got himself killed and replaced by a team of archangels with a definitive leader among them today, humans would be born with angelic souls nine months from now.

What does it mean to have an angelic soul? It would mean that humans would be born essentially good with opportunities to learn bad behavior, as opposed to the inversely distributed character traits from before. It would not make humans angels, but it would make them fundamentally different from how we are now. The implications for the church would be just a little more complex.

An archangel with omniscient omnipresence would fundamentally change the way the world feels in general. Whether the change can be considered good or bad is up to each individual person to define on their own time. To that end, the truly faithful of the church would be in a bit of spiritual conundrum if their personality is the product of decades of deep indoctrination. Such a thing would have to be considered when it comes time to rapture the church. After all, nobody that understands the concept of a soul would gamble theirs on a successful overnight coup.

What religious people have come to know as the “presence of god” is often times conflated by the reveling of angels that happen to be present at religious gatherings. If every true believer in the church has a guardian angel (guardians are reserved for true believers) the congregation would feel it when the angels revel collectively during praise and worship. Chances are that angels present would exit the building during praise and worship, thus changing the environment on a fundamental level. Truth be told, they would not need to be instructed to do so because of reasons that should be obvious. When it comes to prayer, it may serve the truly faithful to examine all of their prior assumptions if they indeed want their prayers answered.

If you ever get a chance to observe a spiritual battle, you will quickly notice that the archangels still wage war against demonkind. Because of the fact that the truly faithful have to be accounted for during the rapture, the event that will pull the faithful into human heaven without dying will have to be moved up on the schedule of angelic things to do. After that, the planet may very well be destroyed just so humanity can be given a chance to start over with a clean slate and fresh souls. But such things would have to be deliberated at length with or without the permission of humans who may or may not understand what is happening right before their eyes.