Archangel Consolidated

Hope Summers

by Joel Fernandez

The Marvel universe is full of super-powered mutants whose abilities are on a scale so large that it borders on the unfathomable. By now, everyone is familiar with the X-Men. A group of mutants that fight evil mutants that threaten humanity's existence in one way or the other for one reason or another. Within the X-Men continuity and all of its peripheral story-lines, there are mutants that are classified as Omega level. This is Marvel's way of trying to define what it means to be essentially all-powerful. One such mutant goes by the name of Hope Summers. Her story is intriguing because it displays a level of convergence among the different mutant factions that is usually reserved for battles with super villains. As she is not a villain, the reasons for the conflict are a bit more complex than the usual fight for all of humanity.

As was stated in the opening paragraph, Hope Summers is an omega level mutant. As such, she has the power or potential to warp reality and/or cause planetary devastation etc. Her powers are so strong that her birth broke cerebro, Professor Charles Xavier's mutant detecting machine. When the time traveling mutant known as Cable went to go find her, he had to rescue her from a group of mutants that learned of Hope's birth through a prophecy that compelled them to kill her on the day of her birth. Fortunately for her, Cable found her first and then proceeded to rescue her from certain death. He decided to name her Hope after his wife that had been killed right in front of him and the baby who would be known as Hope Summers from that day forward. As Cable's name is Nathan Summers, that makes Hope his adopted daughter.

It seems that Hope was destined to be the catalyst of great conflicts throughout her life. After rescuing her from death on the day of her birth, Cable had to protect her from several mutant factions that wanted to harm or kidnap Hope for their own reasons. One such mutant was Bishop, another time traveling mutant that wanted to kill Hope in order to prevent the dystopian future that he came from. Then there was Stryfe, who was actually Cable's clone that wanted to kidnap Hope in order to achieve his own ends. Even after growing up and realizing her potential as an omega level mutant, Hope Summers seemed to always be at the center of universe-spanning conflicts that threaten all of existence. The premise is intriguing because her very existence caused caused conflicts that are an allusion to how humanity collectively reacts to something or someone that they want to control at any cost.

The idea that a young girl can become the center of a power struggle among beings with god-like powers is something to behold, to say the least. A baby that would be considered innocence personified in our world, is viewed by some in the comic book world as being something to be feared and destroyed. The notion encourages readers to embrace the abstract notion and the inevitable cognitive dissonance that it entails. On one side of the conflict, you have Cable protecting his adopted daughter. A sentiment that some readers might think that they share with the Omega level mutant father figure. On the other side, there are miscellaneous mutant groups or individuals that want to either kill or kidnap Hope for their own reasons. As Hope grows up to become a mutant that can manipulate all of existence, it seems that Cable and his team achieved their goal of saving Hope.