Archangel Consolidated

Heavenly Birth

by Joel Fernandez

There is a fundamental difference between being born in heaven and being born on earth. The 7 human planets that include earth are all places where the laws of physics govern over everyone. What’s more, the competition for resources is something that can be easy for some but difficult for the rest of the world’s population. Then there’s the fact that atrocities are committed against humans by other humans on a daily basis. Today’s conversation is about how being born in heaven and staying there is so much better than being born of flesh.

Each and every human soul is created inside of the mother’s womb before a child is born. That is why humans have no recollection whatsoever of their divine heritage. Many people come to understand the concept of the soul and from whence it came. Even more people choose to believe that they came into existence by other random means. Whatever the case, there are severe consequences for not knowing the nature of one’s own existence, whether we believe it or not. This is but the first of many reasons that being born on earth puts humans at a disadvantage.

Then there’s the aforementioned competition for resources that all human beings must take part of at one point or another. The fight for survival is something that can possibly bring out the worst of human nature. People lie, cheat, steal and even kill in order to get ahead in life. While that statement certainly does not apply to everyone on earth, it holds true for enough of the planet’s population for it to be a pervasive problem. Furthermore, there have been cases where demonstrably unscrupulous individuals rise to prominence and then pass for respectable human beings. In heaven, there is no competition for resources and thus there is no need to resort to base instinct as a means of survival.

The reason that people don’t need to fight for resources in heaven is because the anatomy of divine beings is altogether different from that of mundane beings, human or otherwise. On earth, every human or animal is comprised of a complex system of internal organs that is covered by skin. In order for humans and animals to survive, they must eat so that their internal processes will continue for as long as possible. But even if a person or animal has the best diet in the world for the entirety of its life, sooner or later everything has to die.

In heaven, people are in fact made of light. If you were to cut off the arm of a divine being, nothing would spill out and the limb would instantly reappear. Incidentally, the only way to kill a divine being is to pierce the center of the chest or cut off the head. At any rate, being born in heaven spares the individual in question the need to jock for position among the rest of the denizens of the planet. That is yet another reason why being born on earth puts people at a disadvantage; the fact that life is all too finite in the physical dimension.

In conclusion, Metatron the Soul King took over the universal hierarchy and created a new heaven that is now known as the Soul Universe. It is home to hundreds of trillions of souls that are thankful for every minute of their existence and revel in the fact that they were not born during the era of the former patron deity of the earth for reasons that should be obvious. The Soul King decided that none of his creations would ever set foot on earth. What’s more, Metatron would never force a subordinate to do that which he would not do himself. The notion that choosing not to force divine beings to be born on earth into possibly atrocious circumstances is akin to killing babies is simply an ignorant fallacy. If you wake up one day and find that the birth rates around the world have dropped to zero, now you know why. If you still want to take your chances with other belief systems, it is of no consequence to the citizens of heaven.