Archangel Consolidated

Heaven and Earth

by Joel Fernandez

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth(Genesis 1:1). The greatest hope of every Christian, Jew or Muslim is to get into heaven and attain the ability to transcend death and achieve immortality in and eternal paradise where anything is possible. Today’s conversation is going to be about the differences between heaven and earth and why both are important.

We might as well address the elephant in the room now. Preachers and theologians have been dancing around the question of why God would create a world where humans suffer under the oppression of Satan and his minions. The answer is that even though the almighty is indeed omniscient, his sense of wonder is altogether different from ours. To that end, there is a substantive difference between his all-knowing foresight and actually seeing things with his own eyes. It’s like he foresees and event and asks himself “really?”.

Now before you start to think that our suffering on earth is all part of some divine game of chance, remember that Jesus(one of God’s names) died on the cross as a means to convince us to believe. Many churches preach a doctrine that seems to imply that God needed to die in order to defeat Satan. That is in fact a gross overestimation of Satan’s capabilities. He chose to die because he knew that not everyone would want to believe in a God that only talks to Jews. Moreover, the belief that he was trying to inspire is precisely what is necessary to get into heaven.

Many so called intellectuals like to have a dismissive attitude towards the concept of God because they don’t believe in “magic”. What they don’t realize is that Yahweh(one of God’s many names) is the God of cause and effect. All of the angels in heaven have a function that justifies their eternal presence in heaven. In order for humans to attain the right to retire in heaven, we must first live a life of faith in an imperfect world that is often disappointing. What’s more, human heaven is different from the angel heavens.

When humans die, they go to the first heaven where they do not have to work and all of their fantasies come true. Angels live in heavens 2-6 for two simple reasons. The first reason is that angels are an altogether different race with their own language that cannot even be enunciated by human brains. The second reason is that they outnumber humanity be a wide margin. Furthermore, their physiology is much larger than that of humanity and their mentality is actually quite different from ours. Picture a race of winged humanoid giants that assimilate information at the speed of light and don’t know what it means to suffer as a human often does. To that end, most of them don’t even like to speak any of humanity’s languages at length because it makes them feel awkward and slow.

At any rate, human heaven is just as beautiful and has just as many possibilities. The only thing is that people can’t just leave heaven to explore the universe. And they are not allowed to communicate with people who still live on earth under any circumstances whatsoever. But the point is moot because it is a place of such eternal bliss that nobody ever wants to leave. You might wonder if people would be sad to find out that their family members did not make it through heaven’s gates. The truth is that after having their soul purified, their mindset is renewed and they are only allowed to remember the relatives that made it to heaven. To that end, heaven is a place where humans are allowed to follow their most basic instinct, to be selfish.

If you want to use your imagination to decorate your house any which way you want, you can. If you enjoyed urban environments on earth, you can find the equivalent of a big city in heaven where you might run into like-minded people. If you enjoy the rural life, you can live the rancher’s life for eternity but without the chores, unless manual labor is your heart’s desire. If you want to live in a city of tree-houses that aren’t plagued by insects, you can. The point is that whatever you feel would be the ideal scenario on earth, you can have that and more in heaven. If all you want is to live privately in a beach house with your heavenly family, you can. If you are a gamer and you want to manifest new levels of your favorite games with voice acting included, you can. If you want to keep up with the new games that are still being developed on earth, you can play them all except for the online games for obvious reasons. But you can manifest an off-line version of your favorite MMO and play it with others at your heaven house.

There is no need to eat as a means to survive, but you will have the option to eat whatever you want without getting fat. Basically, heaven is a place where the only limit is your imagination. If you want to have sex with your significant other for eternity, so be it. That is why faith while living on earth can be challenging even during the best of times. Because a price has to be paid to live a life of eternal joy. But once it’s over, life on earth will seem like a total drag by comparison no matter how much you smile on social media.

People will not be forced to praise God in heaven. But when they are reminded of how God’s love made their heavenly experience a reality, people will shout thanks to God every now and then as a reflex. Since he is all-knowing, God will hear all of the thanks from his mansion in the 7th heaven, where he lives with a chosen few. Meanwhile, life on earth will be reset at some point after humanity destroys itself. Humans will never die of old age, but they can be killed or they can die in accidents. The human appearance won’t progress past the point of middle age and there will be no such thing as terminal illness.

God himself will mitigate any potential overpopulation with methods known only to him at this point. What is known in heaven is that humans will learn to inhabit more than one planet, so the possibilities are endless. Satan has been imprisoned and will remain so until such a time as he can be reformed or executed outright. And for the first time in world history, angels will be allowed to cross over into the physical plane in order to intervene in worldly matters such as war. After this long and detailed conversation, the only question that remains is “who’s side are you on?”.