Archangel Consolidated

Friendship: Divine vs Mundane

by Joel Fernandez

Friendship is one of those things that is given a subjective definition by everyone who has had enough friends to know what they are looking for. Even though everyone should have their own opinion on the matter, there are a few characteristics that are generally acceptable. Loyalty and sincerity are good qualities to start with, but we all know that relationships of any kind tend to be a little more complex than that at times. Today’s conversation will focus on how divine friendship is different from the mundane variety as well as how they are more similar than one would assume.

Pop culture has programmed us to believe that all angels are trustworthy and thus are suitable for friendship. And while they are all indeed essentially good, not all of them would make great friends. Unlike humans, angelic beings are born full grown and are given all of the knowledge available in both the divine and physical world the instant that they begin to exist. That means that angelic beings (archangels etc.) exhibit behavior that is largely designed by God almighty, as opposed to human behavior that is learned throughout the course of a lifetime. That will be a very important principle to understand as the conversation unfolds.

Humanity is designed to change and adapt to current circumstances. That is why people often change in a way that is commensurate with the times. Angelic beings are literally born with a personality that will either be to your liking or one that you might find infinitely annoying. Knowing these facts will make our understanding of the reality of friendship in general actually complete. It is also worth noting that there are times when human friendship is superior to angelic friendship and vice versa.

At this point you might be wondering how human friendship can be better than divine friendship. The reason is that betrayal, jealousy and deceit are all things that angels are capable of. On the other hand, there are times when the mundane definition of friendship falls woefully short when compared to divine friendship. The main reason for that is that angelic beings think on the eternal scale as opposed to the comparatively short human lifespan. As such, the idea of an eternal bond is almost completely alien to humankind.

Some might say that this entire conversation is redundant because angels and humans don’t usually communicate. Such things are often (at the very least) frowned upon by the church because it would be surprisingly easy to be fooled by demonic beings who are in fact the worst entities in all of existence (physical and spiritual universe combined). Knowing the difference is simple enough because demonic beings cannot acknowledge Christ, Jehovah, Yahweh and so on and so forth because their very nature precludes deference to the king of kings.

At any rate, the premise is simple. Angelic friendship is generally better than mundane friendship, but not always. Every true believer in God has their very own guardian angel, which means that the very presence of angels in one’s life is a good thing in the long run. In all fairness, there are times when people who are in the presence of angels are as good as any angelic being. Keep in mind that some archangels are capable of creating things as large and powerful as the sun itself. Such a capability denotes a a warmth of spirit that is uncommon but not completely nonexistent in human beings.

In conclusion, human friendships can only be equal to or greater than angelic friendships when a person is going to end up in the heavenly realms. Unfortunately, the so called “mainstream” media has reduced the existence of divine factions to literary and theatrical tropes that one can simply choose between without consequence. That is why social media is littered with devil emojis and even outright pledges of allegiance to the “darkness”; because ignorance has somehow become fashionable in some circles. To that end, anyone who flippantly aligns themselves with demonkind despite the fact they are demonstrably inferior is someone who is short sighted and misguided at best. At worst, they are someone who will wish that they could trade places with the citizens of the heavenly realms after it is already too late.