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Fake Gaming News

by Joel Fernandez

Once upon a time, gamers were able to go online and do their due diligence before making a purchase. Information was made available and people could make informed purchases. But what was once an objective process has become riddled by fake gaming news media bias. It is still possible to do proper research before buying a game, but reviews have become big business. Today’s conversation will be about what happens when the so called gaming media stops being objective and chooses to become a cabal that is hell bent on manipulating public opinion.

There are examples of the aforementioned egregious behavior, but they are also examples of subtlety. It’s one thing to review a game and give it a score. It is quite another to turn a simple difference of opinion into a deceptively convoluted attempt to present bias as fact during a months long “discussion” that is meant to derail a franchise. It has even gotten to the point where the fake gaming news media believe that they have the power to hold a franchise hostage with threats of impending bad reviews.

It is of the utmost importance to understand the difference between giving an opinion to your friends, and giving an opinion to fans of your website. Observationally, the two may appear to be equivalent. But many of the major gaming websites employ hosts that can build online reputations in their own right; many of whom go on to start their own websites or YouTube channels. Understanding this principle will be instrumental when discernment will mean the difference between getting a sequel to your favorite franchise or watching it die a slow death.

Only readers who have watched strangers trashing their favorite game online will understand how it feels to be told that trying to keep your favorite franchise alive is futile. Imagine how much pomposity it takes to tell others that their favorite game deserves to die a death by a thousand cuts. The sheer arrogance of such a mindset should be enough to have gamers up in arms, but the aforementioned fake gaming news media does their best to fool us into thinking that they are our friends.

The truth is that they are not our friends. They are individuals who have come together in order to try and monopolize the meaning of the word truth. If they truly believe that everyone has the right to have their own taste in games, then they would not run smear campaigns against specific franchises in order to manipulate the development process of future intellectual properties.

We have seen examples of this with Bioware. They put out an excellent game in Mass Effect: Andromeda that was trashed by fake news and now their next project is being threatened by the gaming news Nazis. When you hear so-called gaming “journalists” talking about how Bioware might shut down if their next game “fails”, make no mistake; that is a veiled threat against one of the most decorated development studios in video game history. Surely we can all agree that their effrontery against Bioware is nothing short of insufferable arrogance.

At the very least, the fake gaming news people are demonstrating a superiority complex that should be recognized for what it is; a threat to gamer life as we know it. They make it seem like their opinions are the only ones that matter. Then they use critic driven website data to feign concern for the masses by showcasing polls that most gamers do not even participate in. It’s as if they truly believe that using the same kind of polling system that politicians use makes them the barometer of all gaming excellence; as if polls have never been wrong.

To add insult to injury, most of those online personalities are not even good at the games that they criticize. Imagine how you would feel if you beat your favorite game on the “insane” difficulty level, only to have your well deserved pride pissed on by an inferior gamer who happens to have a bigger platform online from which to spout their nonsense. That’s right ladies and gentlemen who managed to beat Mass Effect: Andromeda on “insane” mode. Your proud moment of catharsis after inching your way to victory in spite of a thousand or more deaths can be negated by someone who can only play on the easy difficulty level. Or at least, that is precisely what they want us to believe. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the game on easy. But it’s wrong to let the mediocrity of the internet famous supplant the private importance of obscure yet superior skill.