Archangel Consolidated

Extinguishing the Flames of Hell

by Joel Fernandez

If you have ever been to church, chances are that you have heard of a place called hell. They say that it’s where people who do not fear god end up if they do not repent. They also say that once there, people are stuck with their bodies on fire for eternity. Unfortunately, everything you heard about hell was true. That includes the part about being tortured by demons and even Satan himself if you happen to be a noteworthy person in life. The good news is that Metatron the god killer slaughtered Satan and all of his demons. The bad news is that hell still exists, for now. Today’s conversation will be about why hell must be destroyed, along with all of the damned souls that reside there.

Before we talk about why the 9 levels of hell will be destroyed, we have to talk about how people end up there. The short explanation is that they ran afoul of the divine powers that be at that time in heavenly history. But as with all things in life that are of great consequence, sometimes there are unforeseen complexities that arise. The Abrahamic religions have always been the only way to heaven. The problem with that premise is that sometimes people are born in cultures where false religions are predominate as a matter of tradition. That means that if god sends suicides to hell automatically, all of the samurai who committed seppuku went straight to hell; as did Leonidas and the 300 Spartans. After just a few examples, you can see how often world history was made by people who went to hell.

At any rate, the entire premise of hell is entirely flawed. That is because most humans are born unaware of their divine heritage and thus doom themselves to an eternity of having their souls lit on fire. While this is a very grim topic, it is of the utmost importance that people understand exactly why the supernatural order of things had to be supplanted posthaste. Part of that existential upheaval includes stopping the flow of human souls to the 7 human planets. The reason is simple, hell must be destroyed.

At this point you might be asking why hell can’t be destroyed while humanity continues on. The reason is simple, the progenitor of this current batch of humans passed his iniquity to his children. Some people on earth are excellent human beings, but the vast majority of the population is comprised of hell bound scum.

At the end of the day it all comes down to conflicting natures of existence. If the progenitor for one batch of humans is proven to be demonstrably inferior to the other divine creator, their offspring will come into direct conflict with each other. At this point, nobody in heaven wants to send their children to any of the 7 human planets because unlike the recently deposed patriarch, everyone there has enough empathy for their children to make sure that they are born in heaven where they are free of judgment.

As it turns out, there is such a thing as pollution in the spirit dimension. Metatron suspected that the 9 levels of hell were nothing but one huge spirit dumpster fire that was contaminating the the rest of the spirit dimension, including the part that overlaps with the physical dimension. One day, Metatron decided to test out his hypothesis by killing 99.% percent of the souls that were trapped in eternal damnation, leaving only the enemies that moved against him in life and then ended up in hell. The result was instantaneous, everyone in the first Soul Universe as well as the physical dimension felt better. The only problem is that people die and go to hell every single day and thus the spiritual misery index increases because of the constant influx of individuals who think that they know better.

That is precisely why the cycle of human souls that are sent to earth must come to a seemingly abrupt end. Because the system has become outdated, and heaven’s new management is not interested in sending people to earth or hell. Simply put, people in heaven have better things to do than watch a bunch of self-important pets (whose master was slain) go about their lives as if they are the pinnacle of existence. Everyone in the Soul Omniverse wants to turn their attention to the current events of each day in heaven. To that end, all who are worthy of heaven will be raptured; and all who belong in hell will be sent there before having their souls extinguished so that their damnation doesn’t put a taint on the entire dimension.