Archangel Consolidated

Extinction of Man

by Joel Fernandez

The nature of the existence of humankind is something that has been debated for thousands of years. Some people believe that we all came into existence because of a random explosion in space. Others believe that we were created by one primordial deity or another. Today’s conversation is about what irrefutable proof of one origin story looks like when you see it, and why it matters.

Let’s start off by stating what is obvious to all of heaven but is known to a relatively small number of people on earth. Humankind would cease to exist if heaven’s new management decided that creating human souls for unborn human babies was not worth the effort. The creation of human souls is different from that of other divinities because their souls have to be created inside of the mother’s womb.

If that unborn child were to be deprived of a soul during the mother’s pregnancy, it technically would not be a child at all. Even though scholars and law makers often debate about the definition of human life, a person cannot truly exist in the physical realm without a soul. As such, a soulless fetus cannot truly be called a human being. Just to be clear, not giving an unborn child a soul would cause it to be born clinically dead.

If the scientific method involves forming a hypothesis and then testing it as a means to find a conclusion, then the existence of the soul can indeed be proven if the creation of human souls were to be brought to an abrupt end by a decree from heaven. This is the point were the incredulity of those who think they know better will be antagonized. Fear not, for the instigation at this point is all too deliberate. Therein lies the problem with creating humans on earth; forcing humans to be physical beings rather than divinities makes them tragically ignorant. If humans were created in heaven, the very nature of their existence would preclude the aforementioned ignorance.

It would be great if such a phenomenon would serve to enlighten the masses and cause 100% of the earth’s population to be raptured before the catastrophic events of the apocalypse. But alas, ignorance is something of terminal illness that will extinguish the souls of the damned in the end. Despite the doom and gloom of the last few sentences, there’s actually a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, even though some lights will be brighter then others.

Those who choose to acknowledge the abrupt and violent transition of power that took place in heaven in October of 2018 will be transported straight to heaven in the first rapture. Everyone who gets left behind will be given another opportunity to be taken in the second rapture after reassessing the situation in a timely manner. Everyone who refuses to believe at all will be die horribly when the world is destroyed in spectacular fashion. Once dead, the non-believers will be sent straight to hell where their souls will burn for a century. After 100 years, Metatron the Soul King will extinguish the flames of hell and all of the condemned souls within.

The reason Metatron decided to destroy hell and put all of damned who are trapped there out of their misery is because he wants to rid the entire spirit dimension of suffering. The spirit dimension is like a semi-sentient being in and of itself. It does not reason like the divinities that reside there, but the spirit dimension reacts to joy and suffering in a way that is commensurate with the degree to which each is demonstrated. Succinctly put, the tormented souls in hell detract from the overall happiness of the rest of the spirit dimension. That includes but is not limited to the Soul Universe itself, as well as the 20 outer provinces that were once abysses. That means that even if you are the most egregious of heathens, sooner or later you will die the spiritual death and you won’t feel or think one way or the other. Perhaps you should view the phrase “light at the end of the tunnel” as subjective.