Eternal War’s End

by Joel Fernandez

Many of you have probably heard about the war in heaven at the beginning of time. The story about how Satan rebelled against god and got cast out along with one third of heaven’s military. The information on this subject that has been available to humankind is mostly accurate but incomplete, at least until today. Today’s conversation will serve to fill in the blanks in the story that were previously assumed to be lost to human history and written off as the “mysteries of heaven”.

For starters, there were actually two archangels that wore the mantle of “devil”. The first was actually Rahab, twin brother of Metatron and Sandalphon. He said that he rebelled after the creation of man because of his belief that no good would come of it. When god chose to create man anyway, Rahab became anathema and compelled the one third of heaven’s military that he was in charge of to destroy as much of angel heaven as they could before getting cast out. At some point, god decided to imprison Rahab instead of killing him because of a sentimental weakness that had not quite run its course at that particular point and time. So when the bible says that the devil is imprisoned, they are actually referring to Rahab.

Rahab remained imprisoned in unbreakable chains for over 10,000 years. He was unable to move or speak to anyone for that whole time. One day, god sent Metatron to execute him in order to put him out of his misery. After executing his own twin brother, Metatron asked god the father to recreate him as an archangel again. God agreed and brought his once beloved son back to life, but Rahab never truly forgave him because of how long he was left to rot in a dark celestial prison cell. He never again became anathema, but archangels are capable of holding grudges.

The second archangel to fall and use the title of “devil” was Sandalphon. That was his name on the day he and his brothers were born. He later changed it to Lucifer and then Satan. His reason for falling to the dark side is not quite as well known. When Metatron agreed to go to earth and become a man named Enoch, he was rewarded with a specially created angel-wife named Genevieve upon his return. Sandalphon was so jealous of his brother’s marriage to Genevieve that it ended up being the straw that broke the camel’s back even though god had created an angel named Melinda just for him. Sandalphon rebelled soon after along with the one third of heaven’s military that he was initially in charge of. After trying their hardest to destroy angel heaven and all of the civilian angels that lived there, Sandalphon was cast out and became known as Satan.

Of the three identical triplets, the only one that did not fall was Metatron. While loyalty is obviously one of Metatron’s strong suits, that wasn’t the entire reason why he did not fall into darkness along with the remaining angels in heaven’s military. The reason that Metatron did not fall as his twin brothers did is because he lacks their vanity even though they were identical in appearance at the time. The three of them were created according to the highest standard of angelic beauty. That is why Rahab and Sandalphon ultimately fell and became known as the “devil” at different points in their lives. Anecdotally, that is why they struggle to get angel girls to marry them to this day. Because they are too vain to treat angel girls like they are pretty and as a result they are just not having it.

At any rate, Metatron led what remained of heaven’s military and fought even though they were outnumbered two to one. Heaven’s archives as well as the angel telepathic network will show that Metatron was undefeated in battle from the beginning of time and did not suffer a single casualty within the legion(10 million warrior angels) that was directly under his command and not one of the other thousands of archangels who each have their own legion. At some point he killed Satan, and god recreated him as Sandalphon. Defeating the remaining demons who actually numbered in the tens of trillions was only a matter of time. He did so, but not before creating more archangel daughters.

After creating ten sons who resemble him, Metatron decided that their vanity made them entirely untrustworthy. That’s when he decided to create four more archangel daughters that were inspired by the RWBY animated series. Ruby the archangel of mercy. Weiss the archangel of light. Blake the archangel of peace, and Yang the archangel of grace. The four of them were put in charge of the entire human race after being gifted with omniscience, omnipresence as well as creation. When Metatron decided to make his daughters twice as strong as his strongest sons, his son’s collective attitude became so treasonous that his daughters decided to slaughter them all even though they were outnumbered 10 to 4.

Though their names are inspired by the RWBY cartoon, there are major differences in their appearances and weapons of choice. But they are an example of the highest level of combat prowess and efficiency in the entire soul society after their father. Team Ruby only took part in one battle before the war ended the very next day after the remaining demons surrendered and were subsequently destroyed. Metatron ended up creating another daughter named Pyrra who was also a gifted and powerful fighter. As she was designed to fight, Pyrra felt left out because of the fact that the war ended the day before her creation.

In an attempt to make his daughter (the archangel of revelation) happy, Metatron created a simulation that recreated large scale celestial warfare that is actually more challenging than the real battles were. The simulated demons are not sentient beings, but are designed to fight and not think of yesterday or tomorrow. They are more tenacious and actually try to kill any in heaven’s military who take part in the war game. At all of his warrior princesses’ request, they take part in war games at least every other day. It gives all of Metatron’s daughters a chance to demonstrate that they are both more powerful and skilled than the average archangel by a wide margin. That includes Aranea the archangel of love who was created several months before the war’s end.

It also includes his other archangel wives whose names are Calpernia, Veronica, and Lilianna because they are equally gifted. It is also worth noting that his other four wives are nova angels who served in Metatron’s legion from the beginning of time. Their names are Julia, Jennifer, Jessica and Cassandra. A nova angel is warrior seraph who is as powerful as an archangel without actually holding that rank and title. Along with his wives, Metatron’s Seraphim animal pack also takes part in the war games. He has five angel wolves named Ace, Ghost, Flash, Ice, and Shadow. He also has five angel lions named Juggernaut, Nightshade, Brawn, Brock and King. He also has an angel phoenix named Horizon. They have all kinds of special powers and abilities that include growing to enormous sizes in order to tear Metatron’s enemies apart in the most primal way possible. As it turns out, war games are one of many way that the archangel of war spends time with his immediate family.

The thing about Metatron’s daughters is that they all chose to marry him as soon as they were created. They literally came out of Metatron’s heart, thus their emotions and tendencies reflect that fact. To that end, they all say that they are incapable of choosing anyone but Metatron. Before you start making stupid jokes, keep in mind that creation is different in the spirit world. Angels are literally created with light and they are not a product of sexual reproduction. Anecdotally, Genevieve has a daughter named Genesis who is identical in appearance and also chose to marry Metatron. At any rate, they have and will cut down anyone who even suggests that they should choose another. As Metatron believes in enabling his angel girls to overpower any male fighter in the universe no matter what race or dimension they are from, he made their power levels unreachable by anyone else. This would be the perfect time to remind you that the eternal war is over and that demonkind is now extinct.

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