Archangel Consolidated

Divinity vs Human Nature

by Joel Fernandez

Let’s start this conversation off with what we are going to agree is a “universal” statement. Divine beings other than God almighty as well as human beings have the potential to become good or evil. With that said, there are some notable differences between the two before they ultimately converge in heaven. More succinctly, we will be talking about what happens when one encounters the other outside of heaven.

The bible says that humanity is born with a sinful nature. That is because the world is a place that is so far removed from the blessed realm where God the father resides. It’s like when the sun faces the other side of the earth and day turns to night. If anyone on earth believes that they are without sin, they are deceiving themselves(1 John 1:8). It is not until the human soul is purified that it is allowed to enter heaven, and that’s if the person’s heart is truly in the right place. At that point, the human soul stops being earthly and becomes divine.

Now that we have established the foundation that this conversation will stand on, we can move on to some noteworthy details. The question of the day is, what would happen if humanity encountered someone with a divine nature on earth? The answer is actually one of two possible outcomes. If God the father allows this person to run around unchecked, he or she would probably be the most obviously adored person on earth. But such a phenomenon would inevitably upset what God almighty likes to call “the natural order of things”. Seeing as how God the father is a being that believes that there should be order in the universe, that first option isn’t really a possibility.

The scenario that is more likely to play out would be one where God himself decides to blunt that person’s impact on the world. We can compare it to the effect that God’s influence had on the people who were building the tower of Babel. When God saw that a bunch of people were trying to build a tower that was tall enough to reach heaven, he confounded their speech and they subsequently went their separate ways(Genesis 11:1-9). It should be noted that is is not possible to reach heaven from the physical realm because it is, for all intents an purposes, in another dimension entirely.

If you have ever wondered how a person can be famous and anonymous at the same time, you now have your answer. To that end, that would be the same as an archangel being “thrown to the dogs”. Despite the fact that the “mainstream”media would have you believe otherwise, human nature would cause the so called “powers that be” to converge on that individual in the most ungodly way possible.

The news people would fear for their livelihoods and would seek to destroy that person’s reputation in a misguided attempt to preserve the status quo. The politicians would do everything in their power to suppress that person’s influence and even go as far as to censor that specific name out of the media entirely. It is a perfect example of how divinity and human nature will forever be at odds. How can a group of people so large decide that one private citizen living within the laws of an altogether different country can be a threat to their respective ideas of what the “local” status quo should be? Simply put, the answer is human nature.

Human nature is precisely the reason that most parents try to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. Because if they did not, that child would become a veritable monster that would inevitably end up getting killed or thrown in jail. To that end, there are times when avoiding jail and being a “good person” are not the same thing. In America they say that it’s only cheating if you get caught. In some cases, all it takes is large enough group of influential people to redefine the word cheating entirely.

Moreover, divine beings are not meant to fully coexist with mundane beings simply because God the father makes the rules. Only God knows if that policy will change in the future, but as of now it is not allowed. Humanity can only emulate divinity until they are accepted into the blessed realm. Once there, humans are not allowed to exit heaven. So if you ever suspect that you met an archangel that has been granted a human body by God almighty, try not to call him an alien even though it seems politically correct to do so.