Archangel Consolidated

Divine Vengeance

by Joel Fernandez

Most people of the world today do not believe in god. Ironically, a lot of people believe that godlessness a modern concept. It’s as if the bible has not been describing the behavior of godless wretches since the beginning of time. In any case, today’s conversation will be about divine vengeance and the human behavior that provokes it.

When you think of divine vengeance, it’s important to understand that it must not be confused with mundane vengeance. It is impossible for human beings to exact vengeance on behalf of the divine because people of the spirit world who are not capable of getting their own revenge are probably not gods. The reason for that assertion is that divine beings need to have an exceptional amount of audacity in order to effectuate destructive change in the physical dimension.

For the most part, denizens of the spirit realm simply lack the gumption to cause earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and so on and so forth. To that end, every time god the father punished the wicked on a massively destructive scale, he actually sent Metatron the future Soul King. As it turns out, destroying the idolaters was one of Metatron’s many duties in heaven.

It was the archangel of contracts who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah as well as the so called city of Atlantis. The people of Atlantis were actually the sea people that historians took note of during the bronze age. They were sea nomads whose idolatry was particularly offensive, so Metatron wiped them all out with a storm one day. As is the case with most important details, the true identity of the sea people were lost to history and even confused with a myth. At any rate, divine vengeance is something that humans provoke with their ignorance, willful or otherwise.

In heaven it is said that humankind’s greatest confusion stems from their ignorance of their true origin. Unfortunately, most people believe that the physical dimension is the origin of all life even though humans are actually divine beings that have been arbitrarily placed inside of human bodies from birth. In other words, human souls are created inside of the womb and thus have no memory of the divine realm even after they are separated from their physical body and arrive in the spirit dimension at their eternal destination.

It is that grand and tragic confusion that leads some people to believe that they can completely disregard the divine powers that be without any kind of consequence or repercussion. As we have seen thus far, there’s actually a very thin line between ignorance and outrageous effrontery. There have been cases were humans have been pulled out of hell only to get tossed back in due to their lack of appropriate seriousness and respect. Imagine a ruling class aristocrat that went to hell and decided to run is mouth to god about who he was on earth after being rescued from the flames. It’s probably not difficult to imagine that person getting tossed back in hell for literally the rest of eternity.

Unfortunately, the concept of eternity is something that humankind can only grasp as an abstract concept. From a relatively early age, we all learn that our days on earth are finite. Since the spirit dimension cannot be seen with the physical eyes, many people make the mistake of believing that it does not exist. The problem is that it does, and the system of judgment was set up in such a way that the decisions made are final despite the obvious ignorance of the subject.

In some cases, there are mortals who openly and directly mock the divine powers that be with their behavior as well as their words. In those cases, a cataclysmic disaster of biblical proportions is in order. It is of the utmost importance that people understand that divine nature precludes tolerance of mundane effrontery, especially when it is specific. There are some who are simply too prideful and short-sighted to understand that respect of the supreme being of the universe is not optional. Think of the supremely confident politicians of the world who ironically attain their power by begging for votes. The power of their office is such that they can assert their power and influence over the world in ways that most people can only dream of. To a truly omnipotent god of war like Metatron the god killer, such arrogance is reminiscent of a haughty insect that does not know its place.

Even the highly educated members of the most powerful governing bodies are capable of being stupid enough to believe that their earthly titles actually mean anything in the Soul Universe, which is actually 10 trillion times the size of the physical universe as far out as the planets go before empty space begins again. What’s more, humans are limited to only 10% of their brain’s potential and it cannot be fully unlocked until they become divine. That means that humans are either smarter in heaven, or more aware of their regrets in hell. At the end of the day, divine vengeance is something that is feared by the aware and that is felt sooner or later by the willfully ignorant. The only question left is, which one are you?