Archangel Consolidated

Divine Justice

by Joel Fernandez

It is only natural for the world to establish the rule of law. There must be a system in place that organizes the people of the world in such a way that the negative consequences that are brought about by human nature are kept to a tolerable minimum. But there comes a point where power begets corruption on so many levels that it is too difficult to keep track of it all. Today’s conversation is about what happens when worldly justice misses the mark or is simply not enough.

The bible says that humanity is created in God’s image. Apart from the physiological similarities, humanity was granted the limited ability to create life as well as the ability to think creatively. When an angel is born, he or she is automatically given all of the knowledge that humanity has accumulated and all of the scientific possibilities. Ironically, angels have never invented anything despite having the mental capacity to do so. It is one of the key differences between angels and humans. While there is a lot of potential for good in the human race, there is also the potential for great evil.

The general consensus among humanity is that it is unacceptable to blatantly and deliberately harm others. The problem arises when society has become so apathetic that the brazen corruption of their public officials becomes commonplace. People count on their elected officials to keep the peace and generally make life livable for as many people as possible. But what happens when the people that make the rules habitually engage in unscrupulous behavior in full view of the “mainstream” media that seems comfortable with their sin of omission?

In most cases, the creator is content to wait until the day of judgment that each of us faces after death. Either you did enough to see heaven’s graces, or you end up in the spirit trash can that that is commonly referred to as hell. Normally, the moment that a person regrets everything that they have ever done right before they get dragged to hell is enough divine justice for everyone in heaven. But there have been cases in the bible when worldly “justice” was deemed woefully inadequate.

Take for example that time that God flooded the world during the time of Noah. Mankind had been been corrupted to such an egregious extent by Azazel and the rest of the fallen angels that the creator felt that reseting the human race was the only plausible course of action. Or you can think back to when Pharaoh and his people were destroyed by the water when they tried to chase God’s people across the red sea. There was also that time when God decided that Sodom and Gomorrah had to be wiped off the face of the earth. Two cities full of wicked people were destroyed because their behavior was more than the creator could bear.

It is never appropriate for a humans to take divine justice into their own hands. But when the wrath of heaven strikes the earth in such a way that it can only be described as supernatural, all we can do is rejoice. It is what happens when corrupt government officials presume to have the right to play God with another human being’s life. When that presumption becomes a tradition, an example must be made. There are some politicians who believe themselves immune from punishment because of the fact that they are in charge of making the rules that we all live by. But when that corruption is the basis for the persecution of a son of God, beware the divine retribution that is sure to follow.

It seems that the events depicted in the bible were so long ago that they have been reduced to a collection of legends and fairy tales. It just so happens that the time to demonstrate divine might is now. Our generation will see spectacular feats of biblical proportions that will compel two thirds of the world’s population to achieve eternal salvation. The world’s most powerful politicians will be reminded that their fleeting power is nothing when compared to the divine omnipotence that is going to rain down on their buildings and monuments. There will be no amount of fake news media spin that is going to make those catastrophic events into anything less than a national embarrassment. So it is written, so it shall be done.