Archangel Consolidated

Destroying Hell

written by Joel Fernandez

Anyone who has been to any denomination of church, temple, or mosque has heard at least one sermon about hell and how unbelievers go there and suffer at the hands of demons. The satanic church somehow managed to convince its members that hell doesn’t even exist and that after death we all just disappear into nothingness. Today we will talk about the reality of what it’s like to go to hell as a fighter in Christ’s name. We can only conjecture as to what it feels like to be there as a prisoner.

First of all, Hell is real. At least it was until God the father and his archangels invaded and destroyed all 9 levels. There were 9 levels of hell that supposedly had a theme because of the way that Satan and his demons decided to sort people when they got there. That would be an example of how both sides of the religious line like to use thematic semantics in order to further illustrate their point. Because the truth is that Satan and his demonic minions liked to torture people because they hate that which God loves. That includes the people in the Satanic church who were misled into believing that hell did not actually exist.

In any case, God almighty gave the order to destroy hell, so his archangel sons obeyed and did just that. At first, the 13 archangels and their angel subordinates(10 million each) would raid the outermost layer of hell until the demons yelled retreat. But that became insufficient when they realized that the demons would simply regroup and return that that area as soon as the archangels left. That is why the third time that they raided the outermost level of hell, the archangels decided to request the aid of God the father as a means to eliminate all of the demons that operated on that particular level of hell. It goes without saying, every last demon on that level died that day.

The next step was to proceed to the next level and repeat the process of exterminating all of the demons without giving them a chance to escape. It is actually unclear how the demons liked to label their levels of hell numerically or thematically, but there were several differences from one layer to the next. There were three different elements that could be found on any given level of hell; either darkness, fire or ice. One level could be the stereotypical blazing inferno that we often see depicted in movies, television, literature, or cartoons and so on and so forth. But the next level could be a frozen tundra full of people that are being tormented by demons. The level after that could be a realm of complete darkness because demons actually enjoy living in absence of light.

Whatever the thematic order or numeric value that was assigned to each level, the 13 archangels knew that they had orders from God the father to systematically destroy every last level along with every last demon that lived there. So that is exactly what they proceeded to do with deadly efficiency. To that end, the death of Satan several weeks prior to the invasion of hell made it pretty easy to eliminate hell’s remnant. God the father even chose to eliminate the 5th level of hell personally.

On that day, the Alpha and Omega made it perfectly clear that he did not need the archangel’s help to destroy all of hell and every last demon there. God the father displayed the most terrifying power in all of existence. The way that he grew in stature and literally dwarfed everyone else was only the beginning. He sunk several thousand demons into the ground and crushed them to death, perhaps for the sake of irony. He levitated another several thousand and crushed them with some kind of cosmic telekinesis. Then he manifested a giant scythe and began cutting dozens of demons down with every swing until they began to run away, but they were hopeless.

God also chose to crush several thousand more with boulders that were ripped from the very environment that the demons called home. After demonstrating the true meaning of omnipotent, God almighty slammed several million demons into a wall with a motion of his hand and then proceeded to hit them with an energy blast that wiped them all out instantaneously. Needless to say, everyone who witnessed the event was terrified. But the 13 archangels had to put it out of their minds because they had to invade the next level of hell that very same night.

After successfully destroying the remaining layers of hell, 13 archangels and their angel subordinates regrouped in heaven where they were acknowledged by the creator for having accomplished their mission. At this point you might be wondering where lost souls go when they die now. The answer, according to God the father, is limbo. They will float around in limbo without demons tormenting them until such a time as God almighty decides to grant them a final spiritual death. If you want to call limbo hell, nobody will stop you because there’s really no point in arguing over semantics at that point because either way it’s where those who do not go to heaven end up.