Archangel Consolidated

Demon Hunters

by Joel Fernandez

The war that started in heaven before the creation of humankind has been raging on ever since. As we speak, angels and demons fight over territory on earth by way of the spirit world. But ever since the death of Satan at the hands of Metatron, the angels have had a very pronounced advantage in the ongoing struggle for dominance. As such, God almighty formed a special strike team that is comprised of 13 archangels that are supposed to set the tone for the war until its inevitable conclusion. Their missions include(but are not limited to) diving into hell to slaughter demons left and right. Today will discuss a few details that are only known to God almighty and his servants.

The special archangel strike team stands at 13 strong as of now, but the number continues to grow as the war rages on. At this very moment, the group includes the likes of Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Raphael, Uriel, Seraphiel, Zerachiel, Gabuthelon, Zebuleon, Arphugitonos, Samael, and Sophochiel. Together, they engage the remaining arch-demons and their demonic subordinates wherever they find them. However, lately they have had to employ ambush tactics because it is well known in hell that this demon hunting crew is undefeated in battle.

What do you think of when you imagine life at the bottom of the ocean? Perhaps you think of the little mermaid, or an I-max movie about the ocean depths that you saw on a field trip for school when you were a kid. Spoiler alert, it’s not at all what you thought. Since demons have outnumbered angels in the war up until this point, the archangels have left the ocean to the demons because the surface where humanity dwells is the top priority; at least they did until the death of Satan.

For a while, the archangel strike team went on raids at the bottom of the ocean in order to eliminate demons that like to sink ships and drown humans. If you’ve heard of the Bermuda triangle and other bodies of water where ships disappear and survivors go insane, that is the reason why. Our group of heroes was making progress by wiping out demonic hordes with extreme prejudice. At least they were until the demons started running away from battle as soon as they felt the approach of the 13 archangels. Keep in mind that each archangel commands 10 million angels in battle. To that end, large scale spiritual warfare can be very intense.

Since there was nowhere on earth that the archangel strike team could go to engage demon-kind without scaring away their prey, they had no choice but to begin planning raids in hell. It is the one place in the entirety of the spirit world where the demons are supposed to have the “home-field advantage”. Even so, the demons always manage to yell retreat and run for their lives. But that doesn’t make invading hell to slaughter demons any less fun.

You might be wondering why invading such a dark place can be considered fun. The simple truth is that these brothers in arms have a very grim sense of humor at times. The fact is that the “mainstream” media gives demon-kind way too much credit. Everyone seems to believe that the demons are the only ones that can enjoy the battle, but it’s just not true. With the support of the Alpha and Omega (God) there is literally nothing that the archangels cannot accomplish.

The raids will continue until Jesus Christ leads the final charge that wipes the rest of the demons out completely. God’s power level is nothing short of terrifying. Not only does he have omnipotent striking power, he has control over space and time. He could very well warp reality and make everyone on the battlefield go blind.

That will be the day that humanity can be reborn as immortals that populate the whole universe. Earth will be the paradise that God intended it to be. The planets will be governed by the archangels who will then be allowed to have their supernatural powers(including flight) in the physical realm. Since God and his servants have the overwhelming advantage, it is only a matter of time before everything is as it was originally supposed to be.