Cosmic Paradigm Shift

by Joel Fernandez

Divine influence can be a very subtle yet powerful thing. On an individual basis, divine beings can influence mundane beings in such a way that the person or creature in question will truly believe that they are acting according to their own thoughts, attitudes or emotions. When a divine being is omnipresent, that influence can be felt all over the physical universe. Today’s conversation will be about what it means when everyone changes their mind on a fundamental level.

For better or worse, divine influence is part of the human world. There’s the overarching omnipresent influence of the super-powerful, then there’s the individual influence of the less powerful. The very notion of life in the physical dimension was actually god the father’s idea at what we would call the beginning of time. Before then, divine beings lived in the abyss and only ventured outside of it when they needed a break from the eternal savagery that takes place down there. Here’s the thing, there are countless beings in the abyss that are omnipresent and omniscient. What’s more, all beings who have the omniscient and omnipresent attributes are aware of each other and may or may not choose to jock for position when it comes to who influences the human world.

Fortunately for humanity, abyssal monstrosities care little for the affairs of humankind, even if they can’t help but observe because of their omnipresent state of mind. Think of omnipresence as a divine fragrance. Each being has their own distinct scent that affects the human worlds a certain way. For example; during god the father’s reign, his sense of humor was everywhere. He had a fondness for irony that always led to that “aha” moment. This was especially true when successful and powerful humans thought that they were beyond his judgment. That is why he always waited patiently for smug humans to end up hell where their capacity for logic has no purpose or function.

It is of the utmost importance to understand that divine beings think faster than humans do by a wide margin. Just to give you a sense of scale, 1 human minute amounts to decades at the angelic processing speed. That is why only certain classes of angels have the patience necessary to slow down and interact with humans at all. But like most things, mental processing speed is all relative. Divine beings who think at the speed of light are capable of doing things that humans might rightfully label as stupid or ignorant. That is why the notion of a human being trying to outsmart the cosmic powers that be is a bit counterintuitive to say the least. Even if reason is on humanity’s side, the universal hierarchy functions like an absolute monarchy that is presided over by the most powerful being.

When Metatron the god killer rose to power, he formed a council of 11 new gods that would preside over the 7 human worlds. To that end, the omnipresence that is felt by all human beings changed drastically on that day. That is why god the father’s ironic sense of humor is no longer present today. Explaining this to people who rightfully consider themselves intelligent will usually end up being a useless exercise. A person who fits that description may read the previous paragraphs and feel at least slightly offended by the notion of being hopelessly over-matched by divine beings who simply think and live at an unfathomably fast pace. But it is extremely important to avoid willful ignorance that connotes excessive pride. Such things will only lead to inevitable doom and eternal damnation.

Nobody likes to think that they don’t truly have any agency in their life. It would not be surprising at all if all of academia scoffed at the idea that there are situations where there logical security blanket offers little to no comfort at all. But one must always remember that there’s no way to outsmart certain death. Furthermore, the failure to acknowledge that human beings are spirit beings that are trapped inside of physical bodies represents an ideology that will inevitably lead to eternal damnation.

It is worth noting that divine beings do not care enough about humanity to dwell on the fate of the damned. Even humans that are destined for the heavenly realm are quickly forgotten by the celestial powers that be. If these words sound empathetic at all, it is because they are underpinned by a certain degree of humanity. The omnipresent paradigm that marked the era before the rise of Metatron the god killer was one that was defined by the deliberate decision to keep humans as ignorant as possible so that the blind faith of the true believers would be all the more pleasing to god the father.

Today’s era will be less about vainglorious posturing and more about trying to invert the ratio of saved souls to damned souls which currently stands at 1 to 9. It is a process that will either take several generations to fully run it’s course. Either that or there will have to be an apocalypse that will clear the earth and give humanity a blank slate in the process. If you forget everything that you read today, remember that the time for mercy always precedes the time for judgment. If you prefer to choose the path of willful ignorance because you feel that your education level precludes long term planning on the eternal scale, remember that most people qualify for eternal damnation no matter how dumb or smart they are.

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