Archangel Consolidated

Celestial Way of Things

by Joel Fernandez

The spirit dimension has been a very mysterious place for a long time to those who do not live there. By nature, the beings that we refer to as spirits are not inclined to over-share with humankind. To that end, they typically only say what they want us to know. That is, of course, assuming that they speak directly at all. Today’s conversation will be about the natural order of things in the realm that humankind might consider to be supernatural.

First of all, celestial beings that live in the spirit dimension are simply considered people in their own realm. We call them spirits because they are invisible and intangible to anyone that is in the physical realm. It is much like the physical realm except for the fact the laws of physics simply do not apply. Time and space function much differently in the spirit dimension. For example, nobody in the spirit dimension has to sleep or eat at all. Angels don’t actually have to flap their wings in order to fly; and teleportation is commonplace. To that end, walking more than a few steps would be considered odd.

Humans were in fact an invention of god the father. Spirit beings that are born in physical bodies were unheard of before then. Humans generally have a much more acute awareness of the need to survive while contending with the elements and other humans because of the scarcity of resources; a circumstance that is non-existent in the spirit dimension. Of all of the spirit beings, humanity is by far the most innovative because necessity is the mother of invention. The problem with humankind is that the majority of us are unaware of our true origin.

There are some religions such as Buddhism that promote communion with spirits for the sake of “spiritual hygiene”. That is perhaps the grandest of ironies because the only spirits that are willing to reveal themselves to buddhist monks are demons playing “good cop, bad cop”. At least that was the case before they were all destroyed by Metatron and the rest of heaven’s military. But the notion of cleansing the spirit is not something that is entirely contrived by a far fetched religion. A person with an unclean spirit is someone who (if left to their own devices in the spirit world) would exhibit self-destructive tendencies until another spirit comes along and extinguishes their soul.

The idea that a person can communicate with a demon in disguise and claim that their peaceful nature comes from their religious rituals is also an enormous irony. The reason for that is that the demons were born when they were tossed out of heaven like trash at the beginning of the war in heaven. Moreover, the spirit world can be a very violent place sometimes. The only places that you can find true peace are in human heaven and the soul society(angel heaven). Let’s just assume that everyone sees the irony of finding peace by talking to demon trash.

A perfect example of a violent place in the spirit world is the abyss. The same abyss that Abbadon the destroyer presumed to rule over was actually much deeper and darker than he thought because he and his legions never ventured to the bottom. In fact, the abyss was believed to be a bottomless pit for eons all the way up until Metatron the god killer ventured to the bottom of it out of curiosity. Much to his surprise, he found what was essentially a network of pitch black spirit caves full of giant monstrosities who were at all times engaged in a contest of survival of the fittest. At least they were until Metatron and his daughters went there and destroyed every last one of the trillions of abominations that called the abyss home.

The point is that spirits are not always so peaceful. The demon trash did communicate with occult religions in order to drag them to hell until all of the tens of trillions of demons that existed were destroyed at the end of the “eternal” war. If you are a person that is interested in learning how to cleanse your spirit, you could try to approach a temple that belongs to one of the Abrahamic religions. But then again, their doctrine might be outdated. Metatron decided to honor the past commitment of those religions because it is impossible for humankind to be certain of what is going on in the spirit world. But after the rapture of the church, there will be an apocalypse at some point that will make way for the creation of a new human world that will reflect the current status quo in the spirit dimension that was set in place by Metatron the god killer.