Archangel Consolidated

Celestial Creation

by Joel Fernandez

When you hear the word creation, several different definitions may come to mind. You might think of content creation for different kinds of artistic endeavors. Some might think of creating life by having children. While it is true that the word creation can indeed have several different meanings and iterations across the various lexicons of the world’s different countries and cultures, today’s conversation will be about creation from the celestial perspective.

When religious leaders explain creation during sermons, the first instinct of the intellectual would be to question how the complexities of life can be oversimplified into the action of speaking things into existence. But the truth is that celestial creation is much more complicated than how it sounds when it is explained by someone who has not done it themselves or witnessed it in person. For example, the fact that god the father created Lucifer with the best of intentions did not stop him from becoming Satan.

In Satan’s case, his overbearing vanity combined with poor decision making skills shaped him into evil incarnate. Even god the father could not stop his fall from grace no matter how hard he tried. Though there are some that would cringe at the sound of the next statement, it doesn’t change the fact that Lucifer was created with god the father’s nature. The fact that Lucifer was created with what was considered the epitome of male angelic beauty at the time is indicative of just how good god the father’s intentions were for his wayward son.

Simply put, celestial creation is a roll of the dice. This is especially true when creating archangels, but the principles apply to the creation of humans as well. When a child is conceived on earth, a soul must be given to the unborn child. If that does not happen, the child will unfortunately enter the world as a stillborn. The soul that is created and assigned to the unborn child will inherit the traits of its creator. To that end, it would be disingenuous to say that humanity’s sinful nature has nothing to do with their creator.

At any rate, even the most pure hearted soul can create a rotten child. Among the humans, it is simply a matter of environment combined with a proper upbringing. But among the angels, there are some circumstances that will always bear rotten fruit. For example, the sons of Metatron all went crazy at some point. The reason for it is that they were created to resemble Metatron and his two twin brothers Rahab and Sandalphon, except with Metatron’s unique eye color. That is to say that their eyes were entirely blue, including the pupils. The problem is that Metatron’s eyes transformed into their current state by unusual circumstances.

While Metatron was deployed to earth in human form, he was often put through outrageous circumstances in his dreams by both his twin brothers along with Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Abbadon, Samael and dozens of other archangels(generals) that were part of Metatron’s war council. One day after a set of angelically contrived dreams that inflicted trauma on Metatron’s human brain, his spiritual eyes went from brown to blue. The other archangels tried to reverse the process by inflicting more trauma on Metatron’s human brain by way of more crazy dreams, but they had the opposite effect. When he woke up the next morning, both the pupils and irises of his eyes where sky blue.

The circumstances that transformed Metatron’s celestial eyes to their current state meant that the process could not be replicated by a simple matter of creation. In order to maintain the eyes that resembled their father’s, Metatron’s sons had to identify with him. They kept it up for a while but as is the case with parents and children, different life experiences lead to at least a slight divergence of world views. Simply put, Metatron’s son’s eyes reverted back to brown.

Earlier, we touched on the topic of vanity and how it lead to Satan’s irredeemable mindset. That is important now because Metatron’s sons resembled their father before the transformation of his eyes. Before Metatron’s transformation, he and his twin brothers were already the quintessential example of male angelic beauty. Now the vanity that brought caused Satan to fall from grace was actually exacerbated when Metatron’s sons realized that their father stood above them in both appearance and battle prowess. To that end, their collective vanity turned them into treasonous bastards that wanted to see their father dead. Two of them actually made their father’s human body ill for days, which meant at least two weekends of writhing in excruciating physical pain.

Metatron gave his sons everything. The combat prowess and instincts that his sons were jealous of were things that Metatron had actually given them through celestial power. But none of that mattered when Metatron discovered that he could absorb the power of monstrosities from the abyss and thus increase his own. On top of that, the deliberately tumultuous life that his father put him through had an unexpected effect on Metatron. The iron will that Metatron was well known for in heaven was the reason that in all of the eons of war against Satan and the demons, Metatron’s legion never took a single casualty. Because his indomitable will was transmitted to all 10 million members of Metatron’s legion and they were given the will to win every single battle by an overwhelming margin all the way until the end of the war.

Moreover, Metatron’s unbreakable will compelled him to endure the most ironically unfortunate circumstances and all of the racism in the world. Somehow, Metatron’s power began multiplying exponentially every night. As the increase of a celestial beings power through such means was unprecedented, the general consensus in the soul society is that the increase in Metatron’s power was the result of his iron will trying to push his power as far as possible in response to all of the difficulty that he endured in the human world. In any case, It got to the point that he started to emanate a natural glow that made him literally shine like a star even though his countenance was clearly visible without a need for sunglasses. Just one more thing that his sons became jealous of, even though he used his power to make them glow as well.

In the end, they became so vain that Metatron’s daughters felt compelled to slaughter them. When Metatron agreed to allow his daughters to execute his sons; all ten of them died in a matter of seconds because of the fact that Metatron insisted on making his daughters overwhelmingly powerful when compared to everyone else, including his sons. The point is that even though celestial creation is ultimately the source of all life in the universe, it is not an infallible process. As it turns out, Metatron was much better at creating daughters than he was at creating sons. That is why there are so many different kinds of people on earth. Because ultimately life experience and free will define how a person will turn out in the end. If you think that clashing egos is something that only happens among the humans, remember that even angelic families can experience turbulent skies from time to time. There is no need to identify with demon trash who are now extinct in order to embrace imperfections that exist in everyone. After being given the commensurate amount of knowledge, it is possible to choose a side and determine one’s eternal destination.