by Joel Fernandez

They call it the great white north. A country that is known as much for it’s beautiful scenery as it is for it’s kind-hearted people. And while their neighbors to the south get more global recognition for being an example of liberty and justice, Canada is undeniably just as good as any developed nation in the world. Even if there aren’t that many commercials starring politicians that claim it to be so. All state-sponsored propaganda aside, today’s discussion will be about what makes Canada great, and why living there could be possibly lead to world class happiness under the right circumstances.

When we think of traveling to a country, the first thing that we usually inquire about is the culture. If you decide to ask around about Canada’s culture, it won’t take very long for you to discover a consensus among people who have either been to Canada or have interacted with Canadian people. That is to say that you will usually hear someone say that Canadians are usually very kind. As far as global reputations are concerned, a country could do much worse. After all, there’s a lot to be said about the people who invented poutine.

Another important detail that some may consider when making travel plans is which world class city to visit and potentially call home. If that is indeed a thought that crosses your mind, you would have a hard time deciding which premier Canadian city to visit first. If you are of a mind that is inclined to gravitate towards the pacific northwest, your first stop should probably be Vancouver City. You might know it as Metropolis, Starling City, or Central City from popular CW shows like Smallville, Arrow, and The Flash respectively. If you would like to visit a European style city that has a culture that is somewhat unique to the locals, than you might want to take a look at Montreal. If the east coast is more your style, your first stop should be Toronto. A world class city that happens to be the birth place of this young author.

When you combine the generally kind people and the beautiful scenery, it is very likely that you would come to the conclusion that Canada has the potential to be the most wonderful place on earth. By these metrics, the great white north is as good a place as any to call home. If seeing is believing, than we encourage you to go see for yourself. It is everything that you would love about living in America but without some of the problems that inevitably manifest themselves as a result of a population that is over 300 million people and counting. Canada is a country that has a developed economy that has plenty of opportunities for anyone with a high enough skill level. Furthermore, the decision to live and work there is one that could possibly result in a full life surrounded by a wonderful family. After all, you have never heard of anyone referring to them as the “ugly” Canadians.

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