Atheist Hypocrites

by Joel Fernandez

It seems that in recent years, the world has gotten increasingly secular. Everywhere you look in the mainstream media and Hollywood, a particular emphasis is placed on the belief that there is no God. Now it seems that atheists are trying to establish their belief as a synonym of intellectualism by explicitly stating that the belief in a higher power is illogical. Today we will discuss why being an atheist is akin to hypocrisy on a fundamental level.

We all know about the reprehensible
religious hypocrites that infect the church and make true believers look bad. Thanks to the mainstream media and the internet, atheists are given a platform to express why they think that hypocrisy and Christianity go hand in hand. It is heavily implied(if not explicitly stated) that the Church is a pyramid scheme and that people would have to be less capable of intellectual thought or emotionally weak enough to buy what preachers are selling. While it is true that there are religious hypocrites that look to exploit people when they’re at an emotionally vulnerable point in their lives, they don’t truly represent God or the rest of us.

At this point you might be wondering how this makes atheists hypocrites on a fundamental level. It is because they simply have replaced God with something else that they worship without actually calling it worship. Many of them are intellectuals that have impeccable reputations within their sphere of influence. Ironically, they don’t seem to realize that the only reason that they have a platform that acknowledges their collective musings is because a mainstream media organization is in a position to manipulate information as a means to influence the general public. Do you see the hypocrisy now? As far as they’re concerned, It’s not manipulative and dishonest when their mainstream media masters do it.

Moreover, world history has shown us that information and “facts” are sometimes a product of the general population’s ignorance. Hundreds of years ago, it was a generally acceptable fact that the earth was flat. Even longer ago, science was considered magic. It has gotten to the point where some so called intellectuals would rather believe that the universe was created by a giant explosion than believe that it was actually created by God. They are perfectly capable of believing that their own intellect is infallible, but they are not capable of acknowledging that God is simply smarter than they are.

It is a vainglorious belief that is born of deceptive arrogance. The belief that humanity is the original source of cause and effect instead of God, for all intents and purposes, is the intention to replace God with a class of people who presumably believe that they simply know better than their inferiors. To that end, getting together and establishing a particular belief as fact does not necessarily lead to the truth. Moral relativism may have its appropriate contexts, but deciding the fate of the universe is not the same as reaching a general consensus that the names of the established colors should be renamed.

Furthermore, the idea that a so called intellectual could be brash enough to bet their existence on knowledge that could very well become outdated in the future according to the pattern of world history thus far would almost be laughable, if it weren’t so tragic. It is worth noting that not all atheist are intellectuals. This essay was aimed at the intellectuals in their ranks because they are in fact intelligent enough to lead less intelligent people to their doom by virtue of their ability to express reason. As any intellectual who believes in God will tell you, the probability that eternity is actually unfathomable by humanity is indeed very high.

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