by Joel Fernandez

In the bible there are two examples of how an individual can forgo the eventuality of death and go straight to heaven. One was the prophet Enoch and the other was the prophet Elijah. It is well known that the bible is full of all kinds of righteous characters that were noteworthy enough to be used as examples on how to get to heaven. So what made these two individuals candidates for ascension while other noteworthy figures such as David and Moses had to die just like everyone else that ended up in heaven. That question has been puzzling both theologians and regular church people alike for centuries. Well it just so happens that we are going to answer that question in great detail today.

Instead of building up the suspense until the end of the essay, let’s just get it out of the way now. Both Enoch and Elijah were angels that volunteered to do Yahweh’s(God the Father) will by temporarily giving up the eternal life that they were already living. Heaven, for all intents and purposes, is so much better than earth that the decision to leave it in service of the almighty is noteworthy in and of itself. What’s more, the inhuman acts of faith that they were known for are the stuff of legend.

The bible only mentions Enoch in four verses (Genesis 5:21-24, Luke 3:37, Jude 1:14-15, Hebrews 11:5) and the book of Enoch was excluded from the bible and from mainstream Judaism. The bible says that he walked with God and was no more because God took him. There are many who believe that Enoch was transformed in to the archangel Metatron after ascending to heaven. That is only partially true because he was Metatron both before and after he was Enoch. Afterwards, he became an archangel that possessed some of the mental characteristics of a human. Anecdotally, humans do not become angels because they are in fact two different races. All things are indeed possible through Christ. But as of this moment, turning one race into the other has not come up on the agenda.

You might think that this statement conflicts with the assertion that Metatron came to earth and became a man named Enoch. But you must understand that while his physical body was very much human, his spirit was that of an archangel. That meant that he possessed a divine nature as opposed to human nature. It’s not difficult to understand why even early Christians who though that the book of Enoch was authoritative had a hard time believing that Enoch was uniquely qualified to speak of the current events in heaven at the time. Human nature precludes belief in claims about a person who is essentially a higher being who lives among them. Especially if that person is not capable of Jesus level miracles.

It is worth noting that divine nature does not necessarily imply perfection. All angels are born with a divine nature, and two thirds of them became demons; malevolent spirit beings that are the personification of negative emotions. Human nature is different from divine nature because humanity was made in God’s image. That is to say that humans are more three dimensional in their thinking when compared to their angelic counterparts and they have the limited ability to create life. Nevertheless, it is also human nature to ask “what makes him so special?”. A more common question among the church would be “why should he be guaranteed heaven while the rest of us have to hope for the best?”. The answer is actually quite simple.

When an angel becomes a human, their soul is placed inside of a baby at birth. Their memory is wiped and they have to walk in faith just like everyone else. The difference is that at some point that person will have an epiphany that leads to a face to face encounter with their guardian angel and then the almighty himself.

Theoretically speaking, the whole world should be able to witness the aforementioned revelations in the most unprecedented and supernatural way possible. That way the prophetic jargon will not be confused with one person’s insanity. Imagine the amount of faith that it would take to go from believing yourself to be human only to find out that you are some kind of hybrid that has to perform incredible feats that include but are not limited to diving into hell to fight the forces of evil in spite of their home field advantage.

Think about that for just a minute. You spend your whole life getting the crap scared out of you by the idea of ending up in hell, only to dive into hell voluntarily to fight demons on their home turf without stopping to think of the possibility of getting stuck there. If you go to church you will hear of spiritual warfare from the human perspective. The preacher will always say that we must pray in faith so that the almighty will send his archangels and their angel subordinates to fight the good fight. Imagine taking part in all of the spirit carnage yourself in supernatural places like hell or mundane places like your neighborhood block. It indeed takes an inhuman amount of faith to believe such a thing.

Perhaps you have heard it said in church or in a cell group that if our eyes were to be opened to the spiritual realm, it would be enough to drive a person insane. Maybe that’s another way of saying that speaking of such things would make a person sound crazy. Whatever the case, it takes a great deal of faith to believe that which no one else can even speak of. Now imagine realizing that not only where you born in heaven, but that you left behind prime real estate in order to suffer as humanity does.

Hypothetically speaking, if a person had a chance to speak to the almighty face to face, a lot of that time would be spent trying to get back to heaven as soon as possible. Compared to life in heaven, even the richest among humanity have to endure hardships that are unheard of in the blessed realm. Whether it’s the family issues that all of us deal with to one degree or another, or the loss of friends and loved ones due to the problems that come with old age. The pressure to fit into a financial category of society and to live the best life possible and so on and so forth. All of those concerns are nonexistent in heaven.

Anyone who is reading this should ask themselves if they would take the chance to skip death and go straight to heaven. If you answered honestly, you probably said that you would want to go back as soon as possible. In order for the phenomenon to count as ascension and not death, the body has to disappear in front of witnesses. If such a thing were to occur in today’s modern society where everyone has a smart-phone and everything is recorded, such an occurrence would indeed be labeled a phenomenon in retrospect.

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