Archangel Consolidated


by Joel Fernandez

Bioware’s latest creation is one for the history books. Anthem is a game that redefines the “looter shooter” genre in more ways than we ever thought possible. In today’s status quo, a full price triple-A game game that includes free and ongoing DLC(down loadable content) was simply unheard of until now. What’s more, the game presents an unprecedented level of verticality that enables a robust experience that engages all of the right senses. Today’s conversation will be about why Anthem is a success and how it continues to enhance Bioware’s already storied reputation.

If you have the wrong you-tube algorithm on your home screen, you might be under the impression that the game is not what we expected. If you have the right algorithm that directs successful Anthem players to your field of vision, you will know that the game is a delight to play. With that said, it is designed to attract certain kinds of players. To that end, it is combat heavy experience that rewards players who engage in at least the grandmaster 1 difficulty(extra hard) on a regular basis.

If you enjoyed the combat in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you will be very happy with the combat in Anthem because it turns the high octane fun up to 11 with four distinct classes that suit different play styles. The first class that you start off with is the ranger, an all-around javelin(exosuit) that comes with balanced armor, speed, and power. The other javelins are much more specialized and geared towards a specific aspect of combat in a way that is much more lopsided than the ranger.

For example, the interceptor is much more agile and has a robust melee combo attack that effectively incentivizes up close and personal combat. The only downside is that this particular javelin has the lightest armor out of all of the classes. Needless to say, quick reflexes and good timing are essential to interceptor game-play.

The storm is a javelin that is all about keeping a distance in order to unleash devastating area of effect attacks that have a more than reasonable cool-down period of around five seconds at the most. Players who prefer storm game-play take advantage of the fact that the storm can hover far longer than the other javelins and that its shields are stronger in the air than on the ground. If you like up close and personal combat and being in the middle of everything on the ground level, the storm is not the javelin for you. But if you like raining down fire, lightning, and ice on your enemies like a vengeful deity, than the storm will be right up your alley.

The colossus is obviously meant to be the tank of the group. It has the strongest armor as well as the strongest weapons. The trade off is that this gargantuan juggernaut of destruction is the slowest out of all of the javelins. While not the prettiest in terms of technique and play-style, every team is always glad to have an effective tank along for the fight. If you love the game enough, you will find yourself gathering the best gear for top tier builds on all four classes.

Anthem was not launched without a few bugs, but the team at Bioware put out appropriate patches in a timely manner that enabled the player base to continue the high stakes, spectacular combat that the game is known for. There it nothing more satisfying than unleashing a cacophony of destruction that results in your enemies being engulfed in a holy conflagration of all-consuming flames that drags them kicking and screaming to damnation and oblivion.

It is of the utmost importance that potential buyers don’t get misled by the anti-Canadian bias that seems to plague Bioware whenever they put out a quality game. While their last two games were not launched in “perfect” condition in terms of bugs and minor inconveniences, critics always try to bring the game and its players down with grossly exaggerated spin that connotes a sense of entitlement that is unbecoming of a skilled player that knows how to stay in their lane. It’s one thing dislike the game and say so, but to slander an exceptional and passionate group of developers and players for years after launch is quite another.

It’s perfectly fine if some people prefer games that are free to play, but it’s not okay to act like preferring free to play battle royale games makes a person superior to gamers who believe that you get what you pay for in the long run. If “looter shooters” are your thing, than Anthem is the quintessential example of the genre. If seeing is believing, than it would be best to see for yourself. After all, not everyone that is on you-tube is good enough to enjoy the game to it’s fullest. Moreover, if misery loves company, just click the unsubscribe button and leave them to their games of choice while you enjoy yours.