Archangel Consolidated

Angels vs Demons: End Game

by Joel Fernandez

At this point we have all heard of the war in heaven that occurred eons ago when the devil convinced two thirds of the angels in heaven to revolt and they were subsequently cast out. Since then, the devil has died at the hands of Metatron and heaven gained even more of an advantage in the war for all eternity. The Alpha and Omega(God the Father) could have annihilated Satan and his demons long ago. But for reasons known only to him, God the father decided that hell’s legions should be completely destroyed during this generation of the church’s existence. Today’s conversation will be about the final confrontation between heaven and hell and the implications that entail.

As was previously stated in the opening paragraph, the war between heaven and hell has been raging on since the dawn of creation. Initially, the demons outnumbered the angels by a ratio of 2 to 1. But in the ultimate war of attrition, God the father was the only one that was capable of resurrecting his soldiers. To that end, it was only a matter of time before the demons were wiped out completely. The final confrontation in the war between heaven and hell took place more recently than people think. The outcome, as predicted, was the obliteration of hell’s legions.

After having killed Satan and leading the raids that culminated in the destruction of all nine levels of hell, Metatron decided that he was fed up with hell’s minuscule hit and run tactics. One night he took a demon hostage and demanded that what remained of hell’s remnant should meet in a battle that would decide the outcome of the war. Much to his surprise, the demons agreed to meet just above the middle of the pacific ocean to settle the ongoing conflict once and for all. Metatron was surprised that the demons actually believed that they could win.

The battle was fought on a scale larger than ever before. Take note of the fact that initially, the demons outnumbered the angels by a ratio of 2 to 1. The angels that remained faithful to Yahweh(God the Father) are more numerous than the entire population of earth. So if the Angels’ numbers were around 7 billion, the demons were somewhere close to 21 billion in number. It is also worth keeping in mind that not all angels are warriors and that some of them watched from the sidelines. At any rate, heaven’s military fought hard in the name of the king of kings and came out victorious in the end. After defeating the seemingly endless demon horde, the last wave of demons was dragged to the bottom of the ocean and destroyed in a display of celestial irony.

The result of the battle was that the demons were no longer able to hold territory on earth. Before the end of the war, the planet was divided much like a military map. What’s more, the only reason that any demons survived at all was because God the father manipulated events so that his battle-hardened sons could hunt the remaining demons down for sport. There are some in the church that would probably dispute these words because of the fact that evil still exists in the world. They believe that demons are the only reason that mankind is capable of committing atrocities. The truth is that humans can choose between good and evil on their own.

There’s no denying that demonic influence was behind some of the most heinous crimes against humanity. But to say that mankind is not capable of being evil without the influence of evil supernatural forces is to implicitly blame God the father for everything bad that happens. Some people actually blame God outright. But to do so is to display a lack of understanding when it comes to the spirit world. God the father or Christ(both him) are the personification of good. As such, distance from God will inevitably lead one to evil as a matter of course. In spirit world, the word distance can used literally as it pertains to proximity and space. On earth, emotional distance from God will ultimately result in evil to one degree or another.

At this point, the non-believers will probably say that they are good people even though they do not believe in God. The only reason for that is that before their defeat at the hands of God’s military, the demons established a narrative that many people on earth chose to believe. The demons’ true goal is to try and hurt God’s feelings by leading humanity astray. They simply could not care less if that means convincing people that being good without God is the way to go. Moreover, the demons play good cop bad cop with humanity as a means to establish a false sense of cause and effect. To that end, demons don’t care how a soul is lost insofar as it is lost.

In conclusion, mankind has been and always will be free to choose its own path in life. Now that the demons have been stripped of all of their territory, humanity is the master of its own destiny more than ever before. Whether you believe or not is actually of little consequence to God’s servants in heaven. The only reason that many of them care at all is because of the love that they have collectively for God the father. God’s love for humanity is actually the only reason that the war against hell has been fought and won.