Angelic Love

by Joel Fernandez

In pop culture there is somewhat of an oversimplified understanding of how angelic beings function. Angels are portrayed as chaste, boring, and asexual while demons seem to be associated with having fun. Ironically, demons never have more fun than when they revel in the suffering of others. The truth is that angels have a wide range of personalities and interests and they do not always get along with one another. When it comes to sex, the facts get a little more interesting than you might think. Today’s conversation will be about how angels love both in the context of friendship as well as intimate relationships like marriage.

First of all, angels do have sex. The notion that they are gender neutral beings that do not engage in sexual relationships is just plain wrong. Angels have sex, it’s just different than human sex. They have all of the body parts that are necessary for heterosexual human sex, but they are very much optional. The reason for that is that angel sex is more of a melding of the the souls than a penetration of bodies, but it feels every bit as good or better. Picture angels with their bodies intertwined, floating and contorting. That is what angel sex looks like.

Even though it looks different, it serves the same purpose. But there is a little bit more to it than human sex. When angels are married, the idea is to have sex so frequently that their souls become synchronized. That might sound like some kind of romantic hyperbole, but the term synchronization is actually used both literally as well as figuratively. When angels have sex so much that their souls become synchronized, it means that they can express their love publicly by flying in synchronous harmony. It is the airborne version of synchronized swimming.

In most cases, angel marriages involve two angelic beings. Typically, angel girls are completely monogamous to the point where they will abstain from sex for thousands upon thousands of years waiting for the right partner. But there are times when particularly powerful archangels (insert name here) are able to marry several angel girls and work towards synchronized flying with each of them. Angelic beings don’t date, it’s marriage or nothing. In the event of a failed marriage, divorce is actually allowed without having to cut through any red tape whatsoever.

What pop culture did get right about angel love is that it is actually very beautiful and good in nature. Ideally, marriage between angels will last for eternity. As human beings cannot fathom eternity until they die and become divine in human heaven(angel heaven is separate), the nature of human marriages is altogether different. Even if a married couple reaches heaven together, humans have no sex drive in heaven. Sexual intercourse is allowed between human beings in heaven, but it is not something that people want when they get there. As such, only angels can have sex for eternity.

If you are the type that sympathizes with demonkind for some inexplicable reason, you might argue that demons are simply fallen angels that can perform the same functions. It is true that sex is possible between demons, but they will not be able to do so because they will all be destroyed by the soul society’s(angel heaven) military that is led by non other than Metatron the devil slayer. If for some reason you have been misled into believing that humans can have sex with demons, you do not understand demonic nature.

Demons are only interested in raping and torturing human beings both on earth and in hell. At least they were interested in torturing humans in hell until Metatron destroyed the nine circles of hell in a fit of rage because of a particularly nasty affront to his family’s honor. He felt that it was time that all of demonkind became homeless. It should also be noted that the emotions of divine beings are expressed differently than human beings. Divine beings possess spirit energy that is felt beyond the limits of the physical body that is visible to others. To that end, their presence can be felt approaching from a distance that is commensurate with their power level. What’s more, each aura is unique to the divine being that is emanating it. It is what humans might interpret as a distinct smell for better or worse. Demonkind only emanates negativity while angelkind generally emanates positive energy. The only exception occurs when an angelic being begins to emanate the emotion of hate which is actually a particularly foul stench in angel terms.

When a divine being revels in anything, the energy within their commensurate area of effect is charged with that specific emotion. So when it is said that demonkind revels in the suffering of humanity and angelkind, that is how misery in a specific location is felt by all that are present. Anyone who associates themselves with demonkind out of ignorance does so even though demons are the kind of being that will drive humans to commit suicide so that their suffering will continue in hell. Even though Metatron destroyed the nine circles of hell in a demonstration of might, another was created where demons cannot enter to torture the damned souls that are in the eternal fire. So when it comes time to choose where you will spend eternity, it would be wise to choose true love.

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