Archangel Consolidated

Angel vs Demon

by Joel Fernandez

There have been a lot of assumptions made about the nature of both angels and demons. People seem to think that angel equals good and demons equal bad. While that is very true, there is also a substantial amount of gray area that most people are simply unaware of. Generally speaking, demonkind is just rotten to the core. But there are some angels who could perhaps be among the most unsavory characters in the universe. Today’s conversation will delve into the nuance that seems to be written out of every dramatic production that deals with the subject of our divine counterparts and their antipathy toward each other.

At the end of the eternal war, angelkind emerged victorious because all of demonkind combined gave up hope of victory against Metatron and heaven’s military. To that end, they asked Metatron the god killer to destroy them all simultaneously so that they could be recreated as angels. It sounded like a good idea in theory, but the line between angel and demon turned out to be much more complicated than previous assumptions would have implied.

When an angel becomes a demon, they undergo a physical transformation that doesn’t quite leap towards the grotesque cartoons that many of us may have seen in the past. All of the male demons have the exact same appearance. They all have short black hair, fair skin and dark brown eyes. All of the female demons look like that zombie girl that pops out of the television in that one horror movie from decades ago. Where as angels revel in positivity and love, demons revel in misery and negative emotions. When a celestial being revels in anything, those emotions can be felt within a radius that is commensurate with that particular entity’s power level.

When the remaining nine trillion demons surrendered in the face of Metatron’s relentless military campaign against them, they were to be revived as angels. Such a thing has never been attempted before, and there is actually a good reason why. Angels become demons when their character is so negative that they allow negativity to essentially rule their hearts. As such, reviving a a fallen angel in order to give them a fresh start is a fool’s errand. Because even though they regain their angelic appearance, a demonic heart cannot be changed.

In all of the ten’s of trillions of demons that were given the chance to have their transformation reversed, only Abbadon the destroyer regained his kind hearted nature. The rest of them turned out to be the same spirit trash in new bodies. That fact became evident when they were all given a chance to create angel wives out of their own energy and they turned out to be the worst husbands ever.

In his attempt to bring balance to the soul society after all of the angel girls were given a chance to create his sons, Metatron inadvertently created over ten trillion bad marriages with the displaced males in the population. When it became obvious that he accidentally injected misery into the soul society(angel heaven) Metatron decided to correct his mistake by annihilating the over 9 and a half trillion former fallen angels with one spectacular super nova attack. As he could not very well cause that kind of carnage inside of the soul society, Metatron teleported all of his doomed adversaries to the moon and destroyed them there.

In the end, everyone in the soul society discovered that it is possible for one to have the appearance of an angel but still have the heart of a demon. In today’s world of costume parties and devil emojis, it is easy to write these two warring factions off as divine theater. Some might even associate themselves with demonkind because they think it’s cool. But in the end, the fate of humans who side with the defunct demonic hierarchy will be worse than that of their so called demonic friends.

While the demons have all had their souls extinguished and do not exist in any dimension, people who side with them will burn in hell for eternity. Just like celestial creation has both a success and failure rate, physical creation has a similar metric. Some people understand that our decisions have eternal consequences, while others fail to comprehend the notion entirely. Either way, the choice is yours to do with as you wish.