Archangel Consolidated

Angel Girls

by Joel Fernandez

They have been the target of of pick up lines since the beginning of time. Over the eons, men have been romanticizing the celestial beings known as angels to the point where they seem to have become the gold standard for how women should behave. Before we go any further, it should be noted that we are fully aware of the existence of male angels and archangels. But today’s conversation will be a celebration of female angels and what makes them so special.

That line where men ask women if they fell from heaven is probably the oldest pick up line in the book. But if you think about it, that school of thought takes an incredible amount of presumption. To think that a celestial being would forsake heaven’s paradise for a human man in the name of love would indeed be the pinnacle of pomposity.

However, there is one way that an angel girl would intentionally fall to earth in the name of love. It would only be possible if her angel or archangel husband went to earth on a mission from God, and even then the circumstances would have to be pretty unique because perhaps only a handful of angelic beings would even consider volunteering for such a mission. The fact is that the life of a human is difficult no matter how you slice it. Because if you compare earth to heaven, earth only offers varying degrees of difficulty.

At the risk of ruining the fantasies of men everywhere, it is extremely unlikely that an angel girl can fall in love with an average human man. Because no matter how high the caliber of the particular man in question, angelic beings are not human. To that end, their natures are altogether different from human beings. Even if a man where to be granted entry into heaven after death, they would simply call every woman they meet in heaven an angel without knowing the difference. But at that point, there probably would be no use arguing over semantics.

At any rate, the nature of angel girls is very special because when they do choose to love, they love very deeply with an intensity that would be unfathomable to humankind. Their concept of time is eternal, which is very different from the fleeting sense of loyalty that exists among humanity. At best, a human life will last about 100 years or so. As such, the word prioritize takes on a whole new meaning.

Moreover, humanity differs from angelic beings in general because they can adapt, learn and change as time progresses. An angelic being’s nature is basically the same for eternity, unless they become anathema in the eyes of God; there is literally no in between. Even if a man is granted immortality in heaven, there will be fluctuations in his personality to a certain extent that will make angel girls feel insecure about their love for a prolonged period of time.

It goes without saying, there is no way to even speak to angel girls without the permission of God almighty. So if you are some kind of new age atheist or some other false religion, there’s no point in even thinking about talking to an angel. If you are reading this and think that you are speaking to an angel girl without the one true God’s permission, chances are that you are actually speaking to a demon girl that is trying to lure you to your doom by way of the typical pretense that they are known to exhibit. If you want test her, ask her to say Christ is Lord and see what she says.

If you think that a demonic being is capable of being good, than you have been fooled in the worst possible way. When an angelic being becomes anathema to God, it means that they become corrupted beyond repair. After the fact, they are driven by negative emotions such as jealousy, greed, hatred and so on and so forth. To that end, God is then forced to expel them from heaven because they become irrationality personified. That is precisely why Satan foolishly believed that he could defeat God. Foolish is the key word because he could not even compare to Metatron’s power, which itself is an inferior variation of God’s full power.

The point is that even if human men cannot hope to get their hands on an angel girl who is powerful enough to throw men around like rag dolls, it is better to love a woman in heaven and call her angel than to fall for a demon girl. If for some inexplicable reason you think going to hell is not a bad thing, think back to any visions of God’s archangels and their systematic destruction of hell that you may have had in the past. Four of the nine circles of hell have already been wiped out after the death of Satan at the hands of Metatron. It’s only a matter of time before the other five meet a similar end. Please don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. Because at the end of the day, Utopian eternity waits for no one but the one true God.