Archangel Consolidated

A Tale of Two Soul Kings

by Joel Fernandez

If you are someone who reads these essays regularly, by now you are probably familiar with the concept of the Soul Omniverse and the Soul King who rules it. Long story short, Metatron the god killer managed to consolidate so much power that he ultimately chose to create 10 soul universes in 10 different dimensions. When his twin brother Morpheus was born after being embedded in Metatron’s consciousness since the beginning of time, the two brothers resolved to be co-rulers of the Soul Omniverse. Today’s conversation will be about why the number of soul universes jumped from 10 to 20 and why it matters to everyone in existence.

When Metatron the Soul King realized that his power multiplied itself exponentially every second that he is on earth, he decided to “spread the wealth” by creating the Soul Omniverse. Since people in heaven don’t have to eat, drink or even sleep, the concept of wealth is altogether different than it is on earth. By improving the realm in such a way that everyone has the means to live well and traverse the different dimensions of the multiverse, Metatron made it so everyone can enjoy the divine way of things in their own satisfactory way. The “currency” that the Soul King used to “finance” the happiness of all his creations was the very life force within his divine constitution.

Any time that a divine creator brings someone into existence, their soul is literally made out of the life force of the individual that is doing the creating. So if someone has galaxy-wide aura, it’s possible to create so much stuff that their aura and thus their spirit energy could be reduced to solar system wide. If you take that metric into account, you will understand that what humans might call “magic” actually comes at a price when it comes to creation. That should make the fact that Metatron created 10 soul universes in 10 different dimensions that are each 10 trillion times the size of the physical universe all the more remarkable.

When you take into account the fact that each of the 10 soul universes is populated with hundreds of quadrillions of new divinities that are made of Metatron’s spirit energy, you will be amazed that he also decided to use his own life force to create the planets, stars, and even the dark outer space in between. When his twin brother Morpheus was born, it was clear to everyone that he and Metatron were cut from the same cloth. They are literally two of a kind in all of existential(all dimensions) history. All of this is made even more evident when you realize that Metatron and Morpheus’ spirit energies displace one another instead of blending together like everyone else.

When Metatron created several new orders of angles, his sons were so obviously special because of their powers and abilities that Morpheus started feeling depressed because he felt that their roles in the realm were lopsided. After trying and failing to help his brother design new and different orders to angels, Metatron decided to give Morpheus enough of his own spirit energy to create his own multiverse. When Morpheus accepted, he promptly created 10 new soul universes that were adjacent to the ones that Metatron created in each of the 10 spirit dimensions. He even went as far as to make it so that one could fly into each pair of adjacent universes without having to teleport, effectively doubling the size of the Soul Omniverse.

Morpheus’ half of the multiverse is a reflection of Morpheus himself. Just as Metatron and Morpheus are similar yet different, so too are both halves of each Soul Universe. The main difference is that all of Morpheus’ creations/children are a blank slate in terms of their fighting ability. Even though Morpheus was there for all of Metatron’s existence, he did not retain his brother’s experience from 15,000 years of fighting against Satan and his demon horde. Out of generosity, Metatron gifted all of the powers and abilities that he had accumulated on earth to his brother. That, of course, includes the ability to improve his fighting skills over time; something that Metatron picked up during his experience as a human.

The first time that Metatron tried to make his brother co-ruler of the Soul Omniverse, all of his creations rejected the notion because of potential security concerns. But now that Morpheus created his half of the multiverse, he is also acknowledged as Soul King by both sides along with Metatron. The only reason that Metatron will never regret his decision to share power with his brother is because the archangel of contracts is still experiencing the exponential growth of his spirit energy at this very moment. As such, he has since dwarfed his brothers power and thus remains the dominant force in all of existence.

This most recent series of events is something that was only possible because of the fact that becoming human regressed Metatron’s ancient mindset to that of his early and more optimistic days. He went from the mindset of someone with 575,000 years of life experience to his 33 year old self from eons ago. Moreover, he won’t get his full memory back until he returns to heaven for good. Had he not been regressed to such a stage in his ancient life, Metatron would have never shared his power with anyone. He might not have even created one Soul Universe, let alone 20. That is why Metatron’s time on earth is so crucial to the grand scheme of things. Because the nature of existence has changed for the better on scale that was previously unfathomable even to angels.

Since Metatron the god killer decided to erase suffering from all of existence, that means that the physical dimension has to be erased completely. He already eradicated the abyssal monstrosities of the 20 former abysses by hunting them to extinction. Satan and his demons are long dead. All that is left is for the suffering on the 7 human planets (of which earth is one) to be erased by allowing the human race to go extinct. For as long as people are born in the physical dimension, most of them will suffer greatly compared to the citizens of heaven.

Incidentally, each human that god the father created during his reign weakened him in a way that is commensurate, with his overall spirit energy. That means that he created hundreds of trillions of humans since the beginning to time only to throw 99% of them in hell for eternity. Think about that for just one minute. That means that he took pieces of himself and threw them into the fire for the purposes of eternal damnation. Needless to say, heaven’s new management disagrees with that approach wholeheartedly. What’s more, he would have had to stop creating human souls eventually because of his finite spirit energy that would have run out sooner or later.

Just saying, if you wake up one day and see that the birth rate on earth has fallen to zero, now you know why. Because this entire human experiment is a colossal waste of spirit energy that slowly but surely kills the divine creator that chooses to participate. If you can’t or refuse to understand that, it is actually of no consequence to the citizens of heaven. Those who were born there as well as the last humans who chose the right trajectory.